Sunday, August 29, 2010

All About Money

Treyton has been learning about money in school.

Once we reached dimes he began to struggle with remembering coin value. To help him remember one day I made a “store” I gave him $0.50 and had him give me the right number of coins for the items he wanted.



He LOVED this!!

Since then, I have set up a chore chart with 4 daily chores and then a list of 10 optional (paid) chores per day with a $0.50 payout limit.

This has been helping out.

Meanwhile, I went searching for some helpful printables online.

Money Resources

Teach Mama had a timely post about Coin Counting and Skip Counting. In her post she linked to one of her previous posts which include a download for songs/poems about money. I really enjoyed some of these printables with Treyton.

Susana over at My family My Forever shared her find over at the Teacher’s Corner on a money worksheet generator that she uses for her son, Joe. Treyton is quite there yet, but I know this will come in handy sooner than later.

I also stumbled across this money worksheet generator as well.

Prekinders offers some fun ideas on their money page.

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