Monday, August 2, 2010

Bee Unit: Finishing Up

I forgot that I had this post sitting to be posted, so for those of you that are interested, here is what the 2nd part of our Bee Unit looked like :)

Things we Learned:

~ Bees have 6 legs, 4 wings, 2 antennas and 1 stinger

~ After a bee stings you it dies, bees don’t want to sting you, they only sting when they are scared.

~ There is 1 queen bee in a hive

~ Girl bees are called workers, boy bees are called drones.

~ Honey is made from nectar and bee spit

~ Beebread (which is bee baby food) is made from nectar and pollen.


~ Paper Bee: I found this bee on Homeschool Creations, we had a lot of fun making it. I cut a big yellow circle, a smaller black circle, strips of black paper for the stripes and antenna – we also attached googly eyes.

image image


image image


Treyton helped me cut up the pieces for the lapbook this time. It was fun, sitting there, just the two of us cutting them up. Plus Treyton learned a few new cutting moves.

image image The first day we made our flower, that is on the second page of this download.


After I cut the petals, I asked Treyton to tell me what he knew about bees, and as he came up with stuff I wrote them down on the petals.

Treyton loved coloring in the states on the US map that has a lot of bees in them. At first he was disappointed that we had a lot of bees, until I reminded him that bees mean extra flowers, then he was excited again.

When we put the hive piece (found in my download) of the lapbook together, Treyton totally showed off all of his knowledge of bee hives, he said – “Mom, the holes have bees OR honey in them, all over the hive.”  I was impressed that he remembered this from the week prior, we talked about the different stages of bees, and he drew an egg, larva, pupa and adult bee in each of the appropriate cells. Then we also talked about the types of bees: queen, workers and drones. He can always recall the queen and workers but has a hard time remembering the drones (I figure that’s okay, because so do I :)).

It was really nice to see how the lapbook all came together, Treyton and I enjoyed putting it  together. I am realizing that for us, a lapbook isn’t usually the means by which Treyton learns but is more an organizational tool for us to use. It’s a way for Treyton to show his work off and for me to store it all together. It helps us to get creative with how to present our work, but really the knowledge is there before we start working on our lapbook.

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Ticia said...

I love your bee craft, that is so cute! Maybe we'll make one when we cover bees in a little bit.