Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bible: Romans 3:23

This past week, Treyton’s memory verse was Romans 3:23 "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."

Before we start memorizing a verse Treyton and I always discuss what it means. This time was no exception, and like most of the time, it inspired great conversation. Treyton had a lot of questions, and some I was able to answer easily, others not so easily, and I could tell he wanted a deeper understanding of the verse.

I went on a search to find some activities that we could do to ensure that he understood what the verse was saying, and the good news that follows. Next week our verse is going to be even more about the good news, I can’t wait. 

Game: Missing the Mark

Scramble Puzzle on A Kids Heart

An illustration taken From Christian Crafters, Treyton and I liked this one. We took some paper and cut it into a variety of shapes, we then put fun patterns on each of the pieces of paper. IMG_0005

We matched up the “families” first by shape, and then by pattern. Among our shapes I had pulled out 3 white heart shapes. I explained that when God had made man, he made us in His image, with a pure heart, but when we sin, our heart gets a mark on it. (I took a black crayon and put a black X on the heart). We mentioned different sins that we are guilty of (lying, disobeying our parents, envy, etc.). I explained how once we sin, we are no longer in the same family as God, we are separated from him. I then took the third heart and explained that when Jesus died on the cross his blood covered our heart (I put the white heart over the heart with the black marks on it), which makes us a part of God’s family again.

It is a simple analogy that really helped Treyton to understand a little bit more about what the verse was talking about and what our sin really means, why it is a big deal and what Jesus dying on the cross did for us.

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Anonymous said...

Love LOVE the heart analogy! What a perfect and simple way to explain God's grace and salvation to a child. Now I just have to remember this and save it for my children.