Friday, August 27, 2010

Butterfly Unit

This past week we studied butterflies as part of our My Father’s World curriculum. Actually we were supposed to be on week 3 which is L for leaf, but I skipped ahead to week 21 B is for Butterfly because of the time of year (having more butterflies in nature to observe) and because we wanted to raise a butterfly from caterpillar to adult which I didn’t want to do in the middle of winter which is where it fell according to our lesson plan schedule.

Sadly, I ordered our butterflies nearly two weeks before we started our unit, we technically ended our unit before they arrived this week. But we’re taking this week off (it’s both Treyton and my birthdays this week). So we will do some “easy” school observing them and recording them in our nature journal.

Like with all our units we read a lot. I got a lot of great books this time around, that the kids and I enjoyed several times!!

Butterfly Activities:

Painted Butterfly: Your oldie-by-goodie, fold the paper in half, open it up, spread some paint around crease in half again, allow to dry, add eyes, antennas and wholah! Both the kids enjoyed this craft. Sometimes I forget to use the crafts I used as a kid thinking they’re “old” but they’re still brand new to my kids!!

Butterfly Printables: I printed off a couple of Erica’s printables over at Confessions of a Homeschooler for Lexa to do. Lexie’s favorite was the do-a-dot B is for Butterfly page

IMG_0015 Butterfly Coloring Contest: One of our local nature centers just so happened to be doing a butterfly coloring contest that I printed off for Treyton and we sent in

IMG_0017 4 Stages of a Butterfly Nature Journal: I made four squares in Treyton’s nature journal, we numbered them 1-4, and illustrated each process of the butterfly’s life cycle. (1) egg: Treyton cut out a leaf from green construction paper and then glued on white paper hole punch-outs (2) caterpillar: he took circles, attached them to one another and then glued them to the page, drawing on eyes and antennas (3) chrysalis: he attached a brown construction paper branch and I cut out a piece of quilt backing in the shape of a chrysalis, he drew a curled up caterpillar and glued the chrysalis on top. (4) butterfly: we attached some real (already deceased butterflies) to the page. 

IMG_0016 IMG_0018 IMG_0022 Act Like a Butterfly: The kids loved this one and I have caught them doing it on their own a couple of times sense then.

1. EggIMG_0036 Here are the kids: Treyton is curled up in an egg, Lexa is covering her face. (I love this picture)

2. Caterpillar

IMG_0041  Treyton did a great job making laps like a caterpillar.

IMG_0042 This is as low as Lexa would go, she did pose however which was nice.

3. Chrysalis

IMG_0043 IMG_0051 4. Butterfly IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0032 Lexa, showing me a butterfly out of our big book/game.

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