Friday, August 20, 2010

Moon Unit: Favorite Books

image On The Moon: A cute and simple storybook about visiting the moon. I really liked this book, and the illustrations were really cute. It inspired Treyton as well, when we finished it he told me that he might want to be a doctor AND an astronaut --- a busy boy :)

image What is the Moon Like? A little too in depth for my kids, we still read the parts of the book and skipped the more detailed parts (like where the 12 astronauts who have landed on the moon ACTUALLY landed – cool information, but not interesting to my kids).  A good book for slightly older elementary kids (2nd grade maybe?)

image Papa Get the Moon for Me: an Eric Carle book, this was the kids favorite. Fictional, but still teaches that the moon changes sizes from bigger to small back to bigger. Treyton had a lot of fun drawing an illustration of the story and retelling it back to me.

Our Solar System: we picked up this book for free somewhere, and while it’s on the entire Solar System, we referenced the moon page layout. It is written in a question and answer format which can be a nice change of pace when reading lots of books on the same subject.

image Sun, Moon and Stars: this book had the best crater illustrations and explanations which we enjoyed referencing too as well as a section on solar eclipses.

image The Moon Seems to Change: this book was a little too in depth for us, I read the first couple of pages to the kids and left the more in depth sections. 

The Moon (Pebble): It’s no secret I love the pebble books, they  imageare simple with good pictures – what more can you ask for when teaching preschool/kindergarten students. States the basics in a simple way.

image Night Light: one of my favorites, I liked this book. It is an illustrated book, with the perfect level of explanation for Kindergarten/1st grade. Slightly more complex than the pebble books it filled in some of the gaps and answered a few questions Treyton still had.

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