Thursday, September 23, 2010

B4FIAR: Cordoruy

This week we rowed “Cordoruy”

Reading it the first time actually made me cry, I’m not sure what it was hormones still evening out, or what, but either way an adorable story.


We played with buttons. My mother-in-law graciously let us borrow her button stash. We had lots of fun doing all types of sorting activities. IMG_0007We sorted by colors, size, button holes and shapes. IMG_0009 IMG_0001For Lexa I think the best activity was simply the textile aspect. She loved running her hands through them picking them up, dropping them and throwing them around.     IMG_0003IMG_0004

Creative Writing

I had the kids each get their favorite stuffed animals. IMG_0017_1For Lexie this was her lamby.IMG_0016For Treyton his dog, Maddock.

We took pictures of each of them with their beloved friend, printed them off and attached them to a piece of paper. Treyton then narrated a story to me about Maddock which he then illustrated himself on the same piece of paper. Treyton’s story was about a dog who had a clown birthday party (with a Spiderman cake). Though it wasn’t all that original (mostly memories from his own birthday party), I thought he did a great job coming up with a story for his dog on the spot.

IMG_0022Lexie and I wrote Lamby’s on a piece of paper, which she then colored on and glued on her two pictures of her and lamby. IMG_0019_1 These assignments are not the easiest for Treyton, he’s not always the most imaginative kid, more of your black and white analytical type. So I’m proud of any effort that he makes toward creative, imaginative writing/thinking.


On the second reading of the book Lexie was infatuated with counting random things on each page. She counted the beds on one page (we counted 9) the buttons on the bed on another page (we counted 6), etc. She is getting so good at counting with someone. She still tries to skip 1, but if you can help her remember she can get up to 6 on her own pretty easily.

A great book, and a successful “rowing” for such a short week (3 days).


michelle said...

That is an awesome button stash! We are excited to row this book soon ~ I will have to ask around for buttons! Love the creative writing, too! =)

katyshaffer said...

what do you mean by rowing?

Christine said...

What a great site with so much information! I have enjoyed looking through your site, and wonder how I missed your site these last few months? I'm adding myself as a new follower. I'm new to homeschooling this year and I'm contemplating using MFW for Kindergarten in the fall. Did you use MFW for teaching your son to read? We are getting ready to row corduroy, thanks for the ideas! When you have time, I would love for you to stop by my blog...