Monday, September 13, 2010

B4FIAR: Runaway Bunny

image We rowed Runaway Bunny this week. This is another family favorite around here, that is read often, so it was fun to get to row it. Runaway Bunny, it’s a great story about a little bunny who threatens to run away from home. The bunny’s mom says that no matter where he runs, she will be there. It’s a beautiful story of a mother’s love. IMG_0056

The first thing we did was talk about how the mommy bunny’s love was like Jesus’ love for us. I loved the analogy and the kids seemed to understand it too. IMG_0139Next we did some of our lapbook activities from homeschool share.

IMG_0137Lexie particularly liked the shadow game where she matched the rabbit shadows with each other; and the ‘what animal’s do I know game’. IMG_0058I took the pictures of animals and had Lexie tell me what they were – the first time through she thought the rabbit was a kitty and she didn’t know the kangaroo or donkey. The second time through she got the kangaroo but never did end up getting the donkey. 

Treyton liked the “If” and “Then” game. I was surprised that he got all of them right the first time through. He does well with these types of games and he knows this story well, so maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise. IMG_0060Number Fishing: Treyton had gotten a fishing pole for his birthday so I had the idea to fish (like the mother bunny did in the story). I attached a magnet to the end of the pole and also attached adhesive magnet strips to our number cards (1-20). We went fishing for numbers, but we could only keep our numbers if we could identify it (except for Lexa).IMG_0142IMG_0143We made bunny mask to wear while mom read the story. I printed the template for these from kidssoup.

IMG_0009 IMG_0006

Treyton assembled the lapbook on his own this time – very nicely.    IMG_0063 IMG_0065IMG_0064

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Kelley @ I Forgot To Socialize The Kids! said...

Hi there! We are new to BFIAR, and I found your blog through the limkup over on Delightful learning.

I really like the way you put your lapbook together! We have been struggling with the lack of space a file folder provides. I think I will try this way with my preschooler, and see if he enjoys it a little more. Thanks!