Monday, September 20, 2010

A is for Apple

This week for My Father’s World, Kindergarten we learned about the letter Aa and apples. IMG_0120 IMG_0123

On the first day we did apple tasting. We had three different color apples – red, green and yellow. With Lexa we worked on picking the right colors when I would say them, and after I cut up the apples I had her sort them on the plate (with Treyton’s help of course :)). IMG_0124I had Treyton graph which apple each of us thought we liked the best, IMG_0127then we tasted them each and graphed which ones we actually liked best (each of our answers stayed the same), IMG_0132and then we did a blind taste test (mom and Lexa’s answers stayed the same, while Treyton’s changed from red to yellow). IMG_0128

Crafts and Worksheets 

We painted some apples with do-a-dots, always a favorite painting method around here. IMG_0004 Lexa did some color apple bingo. I colored different apples different colors (blue, red, orange, yellow, green and purple), called out the name of the color and had her mark them – she got about 70% of them right. IMG_0005

Handprint Apple Tree

One of the kids favorite crafts this time around was a hand print apple tree. The kids each traced and cut out their arm and hand from brown construction paper.  IMG_0013 We attached the “trunk” to a white piece of paper. The kids then cut out two green hands, for the leaves and attached them to the tree trunks. IMG_0019

IMG_0020Finally, they took some red paint and finger printed apples all over their trees and the ground around the tree. IMG_0023


A Little Bit of Fun

We stumbled upon a little extra fun this week when Treyton decided to try and write with his toes as part of his craft. Here are dad and Treyton trying to write with their toes. IMG_0066 IMG_0068

IMG_0071 IMG_0074 Letter Aa

Treyton has struggled with writing the lower case letter a for a while, so we took a little extra time to improve on the technical aspects of the letter. We used sugar (I didn’t have enough salt, though salt works MUCH better), to trace the letter with our fingers – the kids loved it.

When working on the capital A, Treyton wanted to use the white board before he did his Handwriting Without Tears page. I think it really helped him. IMG_0055

A good week, not a lot of in depth science because we’ve actually already done apples before, but we had fun all the same. I’m really looking forward to next week, we’re moving downstairs to our NEW SCHOOL ROOM – stay tuned for pictures as soon as we get the final touches in place!!

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