Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leaf Unit & Caps for Sale

Due to similar content and the recommendation from MFW to incorporate a B4FIAR book into our current weeks lesson plans, we combined our leaf science unit and B4FIAR’s Caps for Sale this past week.

Caps For Sale

I printed off several worksheets from here for the kids to color and for Treyton to work on during quiet time.

The kids favorite activity this week was trying to “stack caps” themselves, just like the peddler in the book. Treyton did the best out of the three of us, getting all 13 hats on all on his own and keeping them up the longest. Lexie was trying to walk around too much and I simply don’t have great balance :)

IMG_0012 IMG_0015 IMG_0016This just so happens to be a very popular book in our house. Treyton loves it. Mommer (Grandma) actually has a copy of this story at her house too, so sometimes she will read it to Treyton over the phone. So needless to say, Treyton already knew this story pretty well. By day two he started retelling the story to Lexie and I. The kids would act out how the peddler and monkeys would react to one another – very cute, and both did a good job acting “angry”.

We also played “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Lexie didn’t really get the leader role, but did a great job following. Treyton preferred being the leader (surprise, surprise) and got a real kick out of the fact that I would do whatever he would do.

Leaf Unit

On the first day of our unit we pulled a leaf off of one of our house plants.   IMG_0018

We spent a lot of time this week discussing the importance of a leaf staying on it’s plant – the source of it’s food, drink and life. In the same way we need to stay connected to Jesus, we do this by reading our Bible, praying and going to church. Without Jesus we would die, in the same way we watched the leaf slowly die. We correlated this concept with this weeks memory verse Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life"

IMG_0020We went on a nature walk and collected different types of leaves. Treyton’s favorite leaf was the pine needle because it was “pokey”. He requested to draw and describe them in his nature journal, to which I happily obliged :)

I printed off a set of leaves from kidssoup, I had the kids sort them by color first and then shape. I was surprised how hard the shape sorting was for Alexa. IMG_0005IMG_0007

I was a little burnt out by  the three weeks on leaves before we even started because we recently finished a 3-week unit on plants and seeds, but Treyton was still very interested.

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