Thursday, September 2, 2010

Math Curriculum Question

While Treyton and I are happy to continue using Horizon’s math to finish out our Kindergarten year, next year I have already decided that we will be switching to something else.

Right now, the two primary math curriculum that I am contemplating between are Singapore Math (which MFW recommends) and Math U See.

I have heard a lot on both curriculum but would love to hear more from you.

Would you be willing to share what you know about either curriculum, pros cons, things you like or don’t like about either one, other blog posts or reviews on either choice that you’ve read and gotten something from, I’m looking for anything that could possibly help me make an informed decision.

Or --- if there are other math curriculums out there that I need to add into my consideration, please feel free to pass them on.

Thank so much, in advance, for your help!!

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John Peter said...

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