Monday, September 27, 2010

Nn is for Nest

Letter Activities

We made the letter Nn out of play-doh. Treyton spent over an hour making all different types of Ns it was a great activity for him. IMG_0014 IMG_0010IMG_0011

Animal Homes

Because we are learning about nests, we spread out and learned about all types of animal homes. IMG_0019I printed off these cards from kizclub for the kids to match. I made each kid their own game. Treyton passed it with flying colors, Lexa did great!! IMG_0017The only two she didn’t get was a bat (cave) and spider (web). I was very proud of her, especially when she asked to “Try again!?”  IMG_0016IMG_0018

Nature Walk

We went out looking for nests in our yard. The first (and only) nest we found was up on top of the speaker attached to our house. We had one there last year as well, which we had taken down but I guess they can’t get enough of a good thing. ;)  IMG_0098 IMG_0099Treyton asked why they built a nest there. When I turned the question back to him and asked him what he thought he said “Maybe because they don’t get rained on.”   IMG_0101 When we had talked about looking for nests the day before, Treyton had told me he wanted to check the tree out by the garden, because when he was out in the garden, there would be a lot of birds around, and he thought it was because they were protecting their baby’s.

I love to see how Treyton thinks things through, and I’m proud of the way that he relates to nature. IMG_0102

IMG_0103Lastly, we headed to the bird house out by the fence. I had to remind Treyton several times not to touch it, just in case, but we’re pretty sure that there aren’t any birds in there anymore. IMG_0104

I wanted to do more for this week, but with the vacation coming up, we had a pretty light week.

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katyshaffer said...

where did you get the desks you have for the kids?