Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tot School Weeks 5-8

Lexie has not been as interested in school as much the last several weeks, so there isn’t much to post here. I plan on trying to set up a more laid-out schedule with her, when I have time to plan it. I think she would be more interested in school if it were more personalized for her. I obviously don’t want to start any sort of a rigid curriculum with her, but more organized games, activities and crafts would be good I think.


Some of the things she has been particularly interested in is color sorting. I had pulled out two different activities for her and she did them over-and-over. She preferred the bead-color-sorting to the file folder game but either one were fine.



For her shapes she’s mostly used her new Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks


“Big Girl School” 

She continues to work along side Treyton in both Science and B4FIAR.



Her favorite art supplies right now are do-a-dots and stickers. With the stickers she likes to stick them off and then take them off and reapply then again-and-again.



Extra Thoughts 

Lexie continues to amaze me with what she manages to “pick up” by just being around Treyton’ school. Though she sometimes gets her colors right and can count to three pretty regularly, she normally calls everything “blue” for a color and “nine” for a number :)

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