Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bible: King Solomon


Our primary discussion was about what wisdom is, I explained it as knowing right from wrong and the ability to know how to choose what you should do.

We also talked about what we might ask for if given the chance to ask for ANYTHING in the world. Treyton and I both were unsure of what we would ask… it’s a really hard question.


We watched the Disney movie Aladdin. We talked about the difference of what Aladdin picked for his wishes and what Solomon asked for.


These activities are in addition to completing our Grapevine Pages

Walking with God Foot Craft: after learning that Wisdom is learning what is right and wrong, we talked about how important it is to still choose to do what we know is right. Because sometimes we know what is right but we don’t always do it. We want to walk with God, doing what we know is right even when it’s hard. IMG_0013


 Make Sandy Treats: We did not complete this craft but I thought I would include it as an idea – take graham crackers (or vanilla wafers) put them in a ziploc sandwich bag. Have the children crush them up until it looks like sand. Use this sandy topping to put on top of pudding (or eat as it is). Read 1 Kinds 4:29 – the Bible says Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the sands on the shore.

Retelling Activity:

I had Treyton retell the story on the last day instead of reading it myself. He did a great job retelling the story from his grapevine study pages.

We have been talking a lot about “heart issues” this week. How the sad feeling we feel in our hearts after we do something wrong is God, and it is His way of showing us the areas in our heart that need to change. Treyton has been struggling with being sneaky and even occasionally lying, so this discussion was needed and mostly directed by Treyton which was an answer to prayer.

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