Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bible: The Temple


To begin our study each day we read the story about the building of the temple in our different Children’s Bible. On the last day we put the temple on our timeline.


We took the time to discuss how the temple was where God would meet his people and where the people came to worship God. We talked about how we don’t need the temple now because God lives in our hearts, we are God’s temple.


To illustrate the temple I found a picture of Solomon’s temple in a Bible study tool and showed it to the kids. Treyton really appreciated the detail of the temple. I later found out (on my own) that Solomon’s Temple was as long as a basketball court but a little skinnier. I don’t know why, but I always pictured bigger.

Hands On:

The kids also built there own replicas of the temple using graham crackers, frosting and marshmallows (what I had on hand). IMG_0052Treyton did a great job, even adding a “holy of holies”. His little marshmallows were fire, to help them see. He thought of so much, I was surprised by his attention to detail.   IMG_0061




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Ticia said...

I bet they loved that project.