Friday, October 15, 2010

Kindergarten: Weeks 9-10


Treyton got his very own big boy Bible for his birthday. He wanted so bad to write in his Bible like mom. So I sat down with him and helped him find all the verses he has memorized so far – he could hardly wait for dad to come home to show him!! Treyton truly loves God’s word and it’s obvious. He is constantly reading not only his children’s Bibles but now his big boy Bible, and with or without being able to actually read it, he’s drawn to it and asks lots of questions about it’s content, something I’m truly grateful for and excited to be able to be a part of.


Homeschool Co-op

We had our first homeschool co-op. Treyton is in three classes. A Sensibilities (learning about his senses) class, a PE class and a Math Class. His favorite is the PE class (are we surprised ? :)).

Here he is on his first day. IMG_0010


I am SOO SOO excited about Treyton’s math right now. While doing math (in week 10) I was planning on showing Treyton how to use our new abacus so I said “Let’s take two numbers we know 5, how old Treyton is plus 2, how old Lexa is.” I wrote the problem on the board and when I turned to walk toward Treyton he shouted out “7!”

“That’s right!” I said “What about 3 + 1” which I wrote on the board.


I was shocked, when did he learn to addition in his head?!?!?

I did 9 more problems, all of which he got right, except 1. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know if it will continue or not, but it was exciting nonetheless!!

Since then he has done most of his addition in his head which is so exciting.

Chalkboard Tops

We redid a couple of desks that we got for free, we finished the tops off with chalkboard spray paint. The kids loved writing and drawing on the tops.

IMG_0025Treyton has used his desk top to write his numbers while doing his math as well as practicing his letters before he does his handwriting. IMG_0021I’m especially excited about the chalk top for Lexie, the top has entertained her for large periods of time while Treyton and I are doing other school. I wrote her name at the top of her desk with her a couple of times which she LOVES to do, and she is getting very good at scribbling :) IMG_0023 Sight Words

We’re working really hard on learning our sight words. Treyton has been struggling with learning “the” for a while. For some extra practice we made the words with our puzzle piece letter, and wrote them in our sight word book.

IMG_0008  IMG_0010 Phonics

Treyton isn’t getting too much out of My Father’s World K phonics portion (the science is great!!). I knew before I purchased it that he was ahead of most the phonics, but he surpassed even what I expected. So I am currently in the process of revamping our curriculum to give him more of a challenge. He continues to do well reading his “I Can Read It” Sonlight book 1, as well as picking up other easy readers and reading the /a/ books that he can.  IMG_0009


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Michelle said...

Isn't it wonderful when they do something totally unexpected?! Love it! Great job, Treyton!

Looks like it was a great couple weeks ~ as always, love all that you do! *Ü*