Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nature Study: Signs of Autumn

We have decided (last minute) to participate, as much as we can, in the Autumn Series of the Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Hour. We’re starting a little late but, better late than never, right?  image Treyton and I headed out doors to explore all the signs of Autumn.IMG_0190

Here is some of what we found.

Tree Color

The first thing we noticed as we walked out our door was that the trees were both colorful and losing their leaves.  IMG_0182




Dead Leaves

We talked about how the leaves were dying after they fell off of the trees and how they covered the ground in the woods (even in the summer). IMG_0188

Because the leaves were covering the ground, we noticed when we pulled the leaves back that there was no ground underneath them. We talked about why this was – probably because the ground doesn’t get enough sun light. IMG_0196


IMG_0191 Treyton also found some leaves still attached to the stems, but not the tree, that had died – he thought they looked like deer antlers. IMG_0193This leaf was particularly fun, because whatever bug made it it’s lunch, decided it didn’t like the leaf veins, so we could see the veins perfectly. We talked about how the water reached the entire leaf through these veins.


Treyton met these burrs the hard way :) after pulling 50 or so off of his pants and clothing, I explained how they were seeds, trying to attach themselves to him so that they could plant themselves somewhere else. IMG_0194


IMG_0186 I am always nervous when we stumble upon berries because I have this thought that Treyton will come back to them and try to eat them.       

The Unknown (Funguses?)

We found three, suspicious funguses, or what I think are some type of fungus on three different fall tree trunks in the woods. These were probably Treyton’s greatest interest throughout our walk. He was all about touching them, I however, was not :) IMG_0201 (if anyone knows for sure what they are, we would love to hear about it, I plan on looking them up when we get the chance)

Treyton describes this one as: when I touch it it kind of like came out like smoke, but little stuff. IMG_0203Treyton describes this one as: really hard. We were both surprised when we touched this one how hard it was, I expected it to be moist and movable, but its not. IMG_0205This one was the most interesting (in my opinion), it was soft a squishy with some type of outer shell protection (I almost thought it was dried paint, or glue, but it’s not)

Treyton describes it as: feels soft, mushy.


We were still able to identify some mosquitoes around us, though none of them seemed to be biting (which was nice). And then there was this ladybug (or asian beetle, I can never keep them straight) that we discovered after we pulled back the leaves to look at the ground underneath. IMG_0200We also found a slug and several worms after rolling back an old log.

Good Times

We had a great time on our nature walk, almost too much fun. We saw so much that I know we will never be able to learn about it all before we forget what we saw. I know the important part was getting out there and observing God’s creation – enjoying this wonderful season, which we did. Everything beyond that is extra.


Here are our nature journal pages that we completed for our Signs of Autumn Study:

IMG_0034 IMG_0029 And here’s my page :) IMG_0030


Kelly said...

You're not late! It's not even fully fall where I am. We've been trying to participate in the weekly challenges better this season. Love reading your post. Great pictures!!

Alexis said...


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Never at your own pace and post your links when you have time. Loved your entry for the signs of autumn.

My best suggestion is to have your son pick one thing he is interested in and then over the next week look some info up in the Handbook of Nature Study or in a field guide and share it with him. If you pick one thing each week, you will have a whole lot of nature study under your belt in no time.

I look forward to your next entry.

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

Gorgeous autumn photos! Fungi are awesome, aren't they?