Monday, October 11, 2010

TOS Review: Talking Fingers

HSCrew468x60Animated Product Description

 Read, Write & Type is reading software that includes phonics, image spelling, keyboarding and word processing. Intended for ages 6-9.

To read more specifics you can go to the Talking Fingers website.

Product Review

I LOVED the keyboarding aspect of it. Personally, I never even considered, teaching Treyton *who is 5) to type, but he took to it right away.

Treyton became intrigued with the game by the simple story-line. image A green goblin steals the “keys” and Treyton was given the task of helping “rightway” and “lefty” get them back, one at a time. Treyton really got into it, telling me all about the “bad guy”. In order to get the letters back to their home (on the keyboard) Treyton needed to practice sounding out, repeating sounds and words he was told and proper keyboarding.

He asks LOTS to play his computer game. He completed the first two levels in the first two days, when he got to the third level, it started getting a little tougher for him, so he slowed down. We both appreciated the review aspect of the program, so that slowing down didn’t mean he couldn’t still play as much, which helped keep him intrigued. 

How to Purchase

For a 1-user, 5-year subscription you pay $35.00, the more users you add, the greater the discount. (for 2 users $55, 3 users $70). To learn more or order go here. This is a GREAT Deal!!!

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Vickie said...

My daughter got a kick out of Vexor the Virus reactions. This was from the 15 year old watching th 7 year old LOL

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