Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 11 – Rabbits & Turtles

(I have decided to start posting ALL of our school in one post, once a week, I think this will make it easier on me – I was trying to divide it up for organizational purposes, but time saving is more important for now)

Daily Board Elements:  

Letter of the Week: Tt

Color of the Week: Yellow

Shape of the Week: Oval

Number of the Week: 9

Memory Verse: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12

State: Georgia

B4FIAR: We rowed “The Little Rabbit” this week. I was looking forward to this book the least, I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m past the “rabbit” thing with my kids (we covered that when we did Runaway Bunny). But Treyton, especially, enjoyed this book. I should have expected that, he loves “real” pictures over illustrated pictures normally.

This is a cute story about a girl with a pet bunny names Buttercup. Buttercup ends up becoming a mommy bunny to 7 baby Bunny which are named the days of the week.

Treyton and Lexie both talked about what kind of animals they would like for a pet. Lexie is hands down a kitty. Treyton has always wanted a dog, but after this week he said he wanted a bunny because they cuddle. There is a picture of the little girl laying in a field with the bunny sitting on her stomach while she is sleeping. The story then goes on to explain how the bunny goes out to explore, but that part didn’t seem to phase him ;)

We also compared and contrasted the white, pet rabbit that Buttercup was, to the brown wild bunny in the story. Lexie was the first to find a similarity, “two eyes” :) We also came up with: both had fur, four legs, two ears and tails. The differences they found were fur color, the wild bunny’s ability to camouflage and eye color. 

Lexie played a counting game, feeding a rabbit the number of carrots I would tell her too.    IMG_0022IMG_0020

Lexie also completed a coloring flap book. She is getting better every day at recalling her colors. To complete this book I would simply tell her a color and she would find it and color it under the flap. IMG_0018

Treyton assembled the lapbook. 

MFW (Science): Turtles – to be honest, we did hardly anything with just turtles this week. Besides reading a couple of turtle books. Science was put to the side a little bit while we focused more on Nature (see below)

However, because we were learning about Turtles and reading “The Little Rabbit” we decided to read the “Tortoise and the Hare”. I made some finger puppets for the kids, and they each got a day to retell the story back to us. 

IMG_0002 IMG_0006 Phonics & Reading:

We are working on getting back to working in our Explode the Code Books. We have finished the first 6 lessons (which covered /a/ and /i/) we skipped ahead to lesson 10 to cover /o/. While Treyton is an exceptional reader when reading short /a/ words, he was struggling with transitioning to other vowels. We spent some extra time this week covering all the vowel sounds. IMG_0010

We played the Happy Phonics Vowel game, which he loved, I think mostly because he won (he’s so competitive :)). In this game you are given pictures, you are to figure out which vowel you hear in the word (example: sun, bed, fence), once you do, you get to move your piece to that vowel on the game board, working your way up until someone reaches the end (the winner).

For even more vowel activities, I printed off Confessions of a Homeschoolers Blend Ladders and we are working on blending just two-letters more smoothly and naturally. While Treyton is able to read and sound out, he can improve on his reading reflex, making it more natural, I feel like these extra games are helping with that.

Read-Aloud(s): I have been working hard on selecting some good read-alouds to implement into our school. For a while I thought I would try to correlate them to one of the topics we were covering but have since changed my mind, after realizing we will switch topics fast than we will read some of our read-alouds.

After much deliberating the read alouds I chose to start this week were:

Paddle to the See

George Washington

Beatrix Potter The Complete Collection

Nature: Check out my recent post I did on our nature walk and journaling looking for the Signs of Autumn IMG_0185Bible: The Building of the Temple (which we spread out over two weeks, and I will post about separately)

Math: Treyton completed lessons 42-46 in Horizon’s K Math. He is now able to do most simple addition in his head – I’m still not sure how he does it, because it wasn’t something I taught him to do, but he almost always gets them right. IMG_0008To reinforce the skip counting we have been working hard on, I printed out a paintbrush skip-counting printable that I cut out and had Treyton put in order.

Treyton and Alexa both played the large floor turtle number jumping game, I printed off from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I would roll two die and call out a number for each child to run and jump on. Luckily I never got an 11 or 12. This was great practice on number recognition for Treyton, Lexie was more along for the ride and giggles :) IMG_0027

We continue to learn about money, and when I saw this cute game for counting money, I knew I wanted to do it. After a little revision, we made it work for us. We called the game “Change”.

Handwriting & Copywork: He completed his copywork page that I printed off from Mama-Jenn “I do not quit. I persevere” I had him illustrate it with his a drawing from the story we had just read, the Tortoise and the Hare. IMG_0031

Tot School:

My primary focus for Lexie in school continues to be her colors. When we have time to work one-on-one with each other we usually complete one of her many coloring games. This week our new (and favorite game) was from Confessions of a Homeschooler, the Paintrush File Folder Game. Lexie is very good at matching her colors, so we tried to work more on picking the colors that I would call. IMG_0037

Alexa has always been so smart. Instead of picking just one of that color she figured out that if she would pick 2 or more of the color I called, she could fill up her jars faster. A multi-tasker already!!

Some of her favorite tot-toys this week were: IMG_0013

Building Blocks & Lacing Shapes 

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What a great week! I love the finger puppets for the tortoise and the hare :)

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