Monday, November 15, 2010

I’ve Been Tagged!!

Virginia over at Roger’s Family Circus recently tagged me in a question post that has been going on. She asked me some questions, I answer them, then ask 7 questions of my own and tag a few blogs.

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? To be honest, I really enjoy living where I live. But if I were to move, I always thought I wanted to live in North Carolina. It seems like it has a little bit of everything to offer. Beach, Mountains, some seasons (not too extreme)…. appealing.

2. What is one thing that you struggle with as a mama? Only one thing? Hmmm… I struggle taking time for myself. And though this is hard to admit, I often struggle with cycles of anger, that typically stems from too high of expectations on myself, disappointment turns into anger all too easily!

3. What is one goal you have for yourself? I really had to think on this one for a while…. I guess my main “goal” and purpose right now is to raise my children to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

4. What homeschooling book or books do you recommend? If you do not have a homeschooling book, then a good mama inspiration book. I am loving Charlotte Mason right now. I recommend “For the Sake of the the Children” as well as “A Charlotte Mason Companion”

5. What is your favorite part of the day? I love it when the family is all together. So I guess it’s the evening, after dinner, hanging out, doing family worship or even watching America’s Funniest Video’s together…. I just love us all together, whatever we are doing.

6. Where do you really see God at work? Wow!! What a great question! I have recently been convicted of ridding my heart of materialism. And beginning to see the world as God sees the world. Tim and I feel called to open our lives up to others in need, financially and spiritually. I am seeing more and more the depth of my depravity and in turn realizing the fullness of God’s grace in my life, and I cannot help but want to share that with others. 

7. What is one specific thing you would like to pass on to your children or teach them to do? I would like to pass on the importance of picking the people they surround themselves with: friends, mentors, and eventually (especially) their spouse. Along with that the importance of guarding their mouth. Once a word is spoken you can never take it back, it’s there a part of the relationship forever, though their is forgiveness, scars remain, so choose your words wisely.


I am tagging the following blogs:

I think you’re only supposed to tag 3 but I guess I just got a little carried away :)

1. Monica at Discover Their Gifts (TOS Crew Member)

2. Tana at Birdseeds (family)

3. Amber at Striving for 31 (Inspiring Blog I Read)

4. Jaime at For His Glory (Best Friend)

5. Tami at The Scheich Family (my sister-in-law)

6. Skye at The Skye is the Limit (my sister)

7. Alexis at A Rose in Bloom (my mom)


My Questions:

1. What is the best piece of marital advice you could give?

2. What is your favorite household chore/responsibility?

3. What is your favorite book? Why?

4. What do you love most about being a mom?

5. Where did you go (or what did you do) on your favorite vacation?

6. What is your favorite TV show(s)?

7. If you knew you could try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt?


Okay, ladies, it’s your turn, I can’t wait to read your answers!!


Anonymous said...

Very fun! I love reading these questions and getting to know bloggers on a different level :-)

Virginia Lee said...

I loved reading your answers. So far all of the ladies I've tagged have answered "when their family is together" for their favorite time of the day. I would have to agree.

I also loved hearing your answer for "God at work." Scary and exhilarating too. But then the greatest steps of faith normally are.

Cale and I have also recently been convicted to make some lifestyle changes. One big place, our budget and taking our giving to 10 percent. God deserves the best of us and we seem to be able to do that in other areas well, but finances are scary for us. We decided if our step of faith was not intimidating to us, well then it was probably insulting to God. And we desire to live our lives with strong faith.

So far, less instant gratification, but deeper sense of obeying the Lord, which is a huge blessing!

Thanks for answering, I truly enjoyed reading what you wrote. =)