Friday, November 5, 2010

TOS Review: Collectorz


If you know me at all you know that I LOVE books. I love all books, to read them, to smell them or even just look at them.

The library has become my husband’s best friend as it has saved him 100s and 100s of dollars, and I like the library, I usually have 100+ books checked out at any point in time. But I love, love, love to own my own books; at any given time I have a book wishlist of about 15 – 20 books, so for almost every occasion in the past 5 years I’ve asked for books.

And while nothing excites me more than receiving and reading a good book, this also means that we have shelves and shelves of books. And while I do a pretty good job of organizing our shelves by genre and then alphabetically by title, I still have the problem of forgetting a title or two of our 709 books!!

Luckily for me, forgetting I own a specific book, or not remembering who I loaned a book out too is no longer a problem.

Through the TOW Crew I received the Book Collector (put out by Collectorz) to review.

Product Description:

The Book Collector is a book cataloguing system. After downloading the program (to either a MAC or a PC) you can type (or scan if you have it available) a book’s ISBN number into the system, select your book and add it to your database.

image Once you have your database complete, the real fun begins. There are lots of advantages and little perks to use in this program, including organizational tools – such as creating folders to organize your book titles in (you could organize by genre, subject, author, etc.) and loan tracking.

You are also able to do simple searches of your books. For example I typed in “ocean” to see if I had any books on that subject. I have 5 results.

Product Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and using this product, and now that most of the work is done, I plan on continuing to use it to store all of our books. Though some people might think inputting all the books into the database is a lot of work, I thought of it was great!! I’ve always wanted to be a librarian, and never have I felt more “librarianish” :) I loved it!!

It took me a solid Saturday afternoon to input our 700+ books.

And once they were input I had tons of fun playing with the tools.

Purchasing Information:

The Book Collector Standard Version costs $24.95, while the Book Collector Pro Version costs $49.95.

Check out their website for some of their other products.

See What Others Are Saying:

Visit the TOS Site to see what my fellow crew members are saying.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purpose of my review, in connection with the TOS Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.


Beth Austen said...

Sounds nice but I am on Goodreads which is free and sounds essentially the same. Only Goodreads gives you the added bonus of interacting with other book readers.

Amber said...

Wow! That's great. I have done goodreads in the past, I just used it to record the books I was reading (to record for the year). But I guess it would work to record all your books in one place too.
I guess the another nice thing I should have mentioned about collectorz is that you don't have to be on-line to access your books.

katyshaffer said...

the seems to be a challenging word for abby as well. i think it's the "th" part, but not sure. if you find any tricks, please pass them on. Again i have to say you are awesome!!

amy in peru said...

I SO need this! but of course I like free... and I have WAY over 100 books! ;)

amy in peru

amy in peru said...

Oh and I always thought being a librarian would be nice too... a NICE librarian that is ;)

amy in peru