Friday, November 19, 2010

TOS Review: KB Teachers

HSCrew468x60Animated KBTeachers is a web site that offers free and premium worksheets, activities and printable pages for all age students (preschool – high school). All content is 100% unique, and created by their team. imagePros:

In several categories they have worksheet generators allowing you to more precisely customize a worksheet for your student(s).

And who doesn’t use worksheets? Even for families and teachers that don’t use worksheets as part of their primary curriculum usually find a need at some point for some good worksheets.

KB Teachers seems to have great customer service I read on their site that if they didn’t have a worksheet that you want that you could contact them (24/7) and that they would work towards making it for you!!

One of my favorite pages was their monthly worksheets and web adventures feature, they call them webquests. Here they have listed (by day of the month) different national days (like national sandwich day) or famous birthdays or other historical events (like Independence day in Lebanon). This section was over Treyton’s grade level, but something that would be fun for the near future.

They are constantly changing their site, this is a good and bad for me, while it seems as though they are adding material they also seem to “hibernate” material as well which makes it harder to find. I would really prefer that they keep all of their materials (especially the seasonal themes) easily accessible so that I could plan ahead or even go back if I so chose.


There is no search box. This is a huge negative for me, personally. I use search boxes ALOT! They actually address this concern on Their FAQ page, saying “We believe that on a well designed website you should easily find your way around and find what you need in 3 clicks or less.  Gone are the days of searching endlessly!”  I do not share their belief. The ability to search is a great tool, one that I feel KBTeachers would benefit greatly from.

KB Teachers had a good selection of subjects and topics, however, I was not sure if what I was able to find for Treyton’s current level would be worth the price of a membership.

How to Purchase:

The cost is $29 per year, or $49 for two years. As an added bonus: Before you join, you can preview our entire library, and after you join, you have 30 days to cancel your membership and ask for a refund.”

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I was given a complimentary membership to the KB Teachers site for the purpose of the review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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