Monday, November 29, 2010

TOS Review: Smart Kids: Nanuq

HSCrew468x60AnimatedNanuq Book (My Animal Family) by Smart Kids. An animal story book about a Polar Bear named Nanuq that has a very bossy older-brother. It is one of five other stories that My Animal Family offers. image

Included with the book is a DVD that has a narrated story with footage from the BBC.  Also included with the book is a secret password for the Nanuq habitat ( ) which contains treasure, an art studio, and educational games.

My Animal Family Website has this to say:

Kids love to play games on the internet. It is a known fact that children learn better and learn more when they are enjoying themselves. This is what the MAF Kids' Club website is all about---learning while having fun. By taking advantage of a child's fascination with animals, his enthusiasm for reading stories and watching videos and his excitement for playing interactive games, the MAF Kids Club program captivates a child's attention while integrating valuable educational content into the mix. So children explore the wonder of animal on our planet, they learn valuable life skills and they develop and strengthen family ties---all while having fun!

Product Review:

We used this book, the online games and the DVD quiet extensively during our Bear Unit Study. It was a great addition to our unit.

The story of Nanuq was adorable. It was well illustrated and simply written. The DVDs are narrated by a child’s voice, which Treyton noticed and commented on, he liked it.

Treyton really enjoyed the website play. I think his favorite part was creating his player, designing it as much like himself as he could!! Though I thought there were some really neat games on the website (dot-to-dot, puzzles and other math games) I felt like it took a lot of play to earn enough coins to buy the items Treyton wanted from the store to progress to new games. There weren’t like tons of levels or anything, but being a younger-child computer game, I thought it could be a little easier.

How to Purchase:

You can purchase one (of the five) Animal Family books for $12.99 a piece, which includes the DVDs and your secret pass-code for the website habitat. Or you can purchase a monthly on-line membership for $5.99

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free for purchase  because of my membership with the TOS Crew for the purpose of my honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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