Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 13: Boats & Octopus

Daily Board Elements:  

Letter of the Week: Oo

Color of the Week: Blue

Shape of the Week: Square

Number of the Week: 9

Memory Verse: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12

State: Iowa

B4FIAR: “My Blue Boat”

We read my blue boat this week. Treyton had been begging to make newspaper boats that he saw in a Curious George book for months, if not a year.


Treyton needed a lot of help with assembling the newspaper boat, it wasn’t as easy as it looked. In fact, I’m pretty sure a monkey couldn’t do it… I’m not bitter, I’m just saying.



We talked about floating and sinking. After we made our newspaper boat (we actually made two; one to float, the other to save), I asked Treyton if he thought it would float or sink.


He thought it would (I mean, it did in the Curious George story). We filled up the bath tub and took her for a spin….



but she didn’t exactly spin. ;) After a minute or two, she sank right to the bottom.


IMG_0023A few days later, we decided to make a different sort of boat. After seeing an Ice Boat idea on another blog, we decided to use our new color mixing abilities and love of water to have a little fun, with our floating and boating experiments. IMG_0025

To start with I have each of us pick two colors to mix together. Treyton chose red and yellow. Lexie chose blue and red which left me with blue and yellow. We then guessed which color we thought our two colors would make. IMG_0027

We added some water. Put a piece of aluminum foil over our plastic containers and stuck a craft stick down through the foil and put our boats in the freezer.


The next day, we added our paper triangle sails. I asked Treyton if he thought the boats would sink or float. He thought that they would float. IMG_0035

We put our boats in a tub of cold water. And float they did…. until they melted at least. The kids LOVED this activity. I happened to do it on a Saturday while Tim was home and we were both able to get some much needed chores done around the house while the kids stayed occupied for over an hour.     


Water Color Boats

Copying an idea from Delightful Learning. I colored a picture of a sail boat for the kids to water color paint over. IMG_0029


They did a great job, though while I had my back turned getting ready for dinner, they over-painted a little bit, they still turned out “fun”.



MFW (Science): Octopus

We are no longer doing any of MFW K’s phonics pages, but I am planning on doing some of the Science that I have to go-along with our literature choices. This week was on octopus, which Treyton was really interested in. We started our studies by making an octopus book.


I drew an octpopus free-hand stapled several pieces of paper together, cut out the octopus, and we had our book. Treyton made his own cuter, smaller version.


I labeled each page with a different heading: food, safety, life, body, Treyton’s Story.


As he learned things about octopuses either through the books we read or videos he watched, we would write them down. At the end of the week I typed them all up and cut them into strips. Treyton then sorted them and put them on the right pages in his book.

One night during the week we had Salmon Spaghetti, Treyton made an octopus from his noodles. Although he was “playing” with his food. I was impressed with his work, so I took a picture of it. ;) IMG_0142


Phonics & Reading:

Treyton was still excited to get his reading done, with the goal of going Bowling with dad after he read a specified amount (determined by me, and clearly laid our for Treyton). It was a little over a weeks worth of reading. Treyton worked SO hard, and asked every day to do his reading.

He completed lesson 6 in his Explode the Code, book 1. He actually read his first complete sentence without any assistance from me AT ALL!! It was so exciting, for both of us, he called dad right away to tell him the good news. IMG_0034

Sight Words – I was on a definite mission this week to get him to learn “the”, he’s had a really hard time with this one for some reason. I think he’s finally starting to get it.


Paddle to the Sea

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

Nico’s Octopus


We studied the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal this week.


We did 3 Horizon Math lessons 52 – 54.

He is getting into doing harder arithmetic problems, like 10+4 or 17+1. Which he’s adjusting to by using a number line and his abacus.

He struggled with the calendar questions, which he normally does well on. I think we’ve gone too long in between reviewing the concepts.

We also had one day of learning to count by 5s. He has been wanting to count by 5s for a while now, so this was exciting for him.

Handwriting & Copywork:

I made a copywork sheet for him to practice his “the” sight word. The sentences I wrote (and had him read) were “The dog sat.” “The cat in the hat.” “Treyton is the man.” He got a real kick out of them.

I feel like we’re finally starting to make a break through with “the” although if it’s been more than 12 hours between reviewing it he still will say that “the” is “is”…. then he remembers that’s not right…. but we’re making progress.


We are really enjoying Mark Kistler Mini-Marshmallow Lessons . This week we drew two boats. To go along with our boat theme :)

Tot School:

Lexie and I continued to work together on her colors. We played a color matching game that I printed from Homeschool Creations. The first time we played she did a really good job at telling me the colors and then matching them. The second time through she wanted to tell me the name of the pictures (like “snake” “spider” “duck”) instead of the colors. So I just told her the colors, to keep her mind still thinking about colors and she still matched them according to color.


In the last week Lexie has learned a few more colors. She now does well with: blue, green and black. And she occasionally gets red and pink.

Also during this week, Lexie started singing out the alphabet song when she would be playing on her own. She loves to sing and it’s not a surprise to hear her sing the ABCs with one of her toys but now, she is starting to do it on her own. She usually starts with “H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P” and then she’ll trail off.

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Kim said...

I love those colored ice boats. We'll have to try it. Fun week! Yay for reading a whole sentence!

KJ said...

Looks like a busy week! I really like the newspaper boats! I'm stopping by again from the Preschool Corner link up.

Mary said...

What a great review and awesome pictures. My son and I loved MFW K when we did it.

I also love your cute graphics so I am passing on The Stylish Blogger Award to you! You can go to my blog to claim it :)


Sim said...

That spaghetti octopus was awesome!
What good proof that what you taught them was on his mind.

Anonymous said...

Love the ice boats! Glad to know the newspaper boats dont float. Sammy has wanted to do it for a while now after reading that story in the curious George book! Stopping by from preschool corner.

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