Friday, November 19, 2010

Weeks 14 & 15

After deciding to move on from MFW K, our school has been much more simple (and a little boring), I haven’t had all that much to post on so have spent my time doing other things.

We have still have a pretty great 2 weeks. Mostly because I put together a Superhero Unit as well as a Pilgrim Unit (coming soon). And we’ve spent a lot of time just reading, which has been GREAT!!

Some of our favorite books we’ve been reading:

Paddle to the Sea

Aesop’s Fables

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy

Princess Bible

A Child’s Garden of Verses

Lot’s of Pilgrim books (our favorites to be posted as part of our unit)

The Little Engine that Could


Along with our read alouds and units we have been doing the following:


Elijah and the Prophets of Baal 

Memory Verse Genesis 1:1


Working our way through Horizon’s K I remain happy with this curriculum, we are now up to lesson 60. Treyton does well with it but I continue to question myself on how well I am teaching it or if he is really “getting it”. He always seems to come up with the right answers and can do a lot of the lessons on his own (excluding introducing new concepts) but often times he can’t communicate to me if he really knows what it is he is doing. I continue to look at Singapore math for our next curriculum but struggle moving away from Horizon’s which seems to be doing okay.

Some of the new concepts we have been working on have been counting by 5s and tens and ones place values. IMG_0019In addition to Horizon’s we also did an estimating activity. While working with Lexie on her shapes one day, Treyton decided to make “rows of corn” using our peg stackers, seeing a great teaching opportunity we turned it into a “guessing game”. IMG_0020After he put them all together, I took some colors off (randomly) and we estimated how many of each color there was. This was a fun activity for all of us, because we of course made a competitive game out of it. Treyton graphed each of our guesses and then also recorded the actual number of “corns in the field”. IMG_0023


He is going back through his Handwriting without Tears book and practicing the letters we didn’t cover in MFW K before we switched. He just finished the last of the capital letters. I continue to give him his memory verses and short sentences to copy for copywork as well.

image Phonics

After spending some time talking about vowels, including which letters were vowels, the jobs of vowels, sounds of vowels, etc. We continued through our Explode the Code book 1. Treyton completed the short vowel Ee lessons and a review lesson (I believe lessons 6 & 7). IMG_0016

To start making sight words a little more fun I made several sight word Bingo sheets by hand for us to do during our table time. Treyton has enjoyed it.  IMG_0009


Treyton is about 1/4 of they way through his I Can Read It! book. He reads about 2 stories a week. He had the pleasure of reading to both of his grandma’s in the past few weeks.

He gets really nervous and doesn’t want to read out loud to other people, but then later when it’s just us, he brags about how he read a story to Mommer or Grandma Lex. He’ll say “Are you proud of me mom?” Of course, I tell him how I am proud of him ALL the time even if he doesn’t read well, as long as he tries, he makes me proud.

Computer Time

Treyton continues to LOVE LOVE LOVE his Talking Fingers program, he is slowly progressing through it. I cannot say enough how much we have enjoyed this program.

Tot School

Lexie wants us to sing “Jesus Loves Me” every morning during our daily board time, which I have been happy to do for her. She has added a real fun aspect to our morning routine.

We have spent most of our one-on-one time on shapes. She knows triangle and oval well and is hit or miss with circle and square (they sound similar to her so I think that’s why they are a little slower to sink in). IMG_0018 

IMG_0017 While Treyton does his sight word Bingo I made Lexa a color BINGO which she is very good at. She has surprised me more than once with the colors she knows.  IMG_0008

Looking Ahead

We just got in our My Father’s World 1st Grade! I am SOOOO excited!! I cannot even tell you. I’m up through planning day 23 and it is perfect for us. I can’t wait to start, though I’m not sure if we will start in the beginning of December or the beginning of January.

We will also continue doing some read-aloud book units (including a few from FIAR and classic chapter books). My mom (who is teaching my niece preschool) and I are planning on working together to find some fun activities to go a long with a few books to add into our school. It should be a great second semester!


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