Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent: Day 7

I saw this cute paper Christmas Tree craft on Superheroes and Princesses, and decided to add it to the calendar last minute.


We cut out the Christmas tree shape from green construction paper.

IMG_0110We then punched out holes all over the trees. Treyton punched out all of his own holes, I helped Alexa cut out hers.


We took some of our old crayons and took the paper off, broke them into tiny pieces and placed them between two pieces of wax paper. IMG_0105We then placed the wax paper between a towel folded in half. Which we ironed until the crayons melted.


We cut out the shape of the Christmas tree from our melted wax, taped it to our construction paper tree. IMG_0111

And hung them on the window as sun catchers.

IMG_0104The kids enjoyed different aspects of this craft. Lexie enjoyed the cutting and punching out of holes while Treyton enjoyed melting the crayons.

I think they turned out really cute, they make a cute addition to our other Christmas decorations.


Anonymous said...

oh those turned out adorable!!

Jennifer said...

What a cute idea, I'll plan to try other shapes with this. Merry Christmas.