Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent: Days 1-4 (I think)

I had great plans to post Advent Updates every day in December, but surprise, surprise, it’s 8 (or is it 9) days in, and I’ve yet to post one day…. Oh well, like a wise man once told me – it’s more important to live the present well than record the past!! And that’s what we’re trying to do.

Christmas Tree:

For the first time our family cut down our Christmas tree.

IMG_0009 Our family has been in a slow progression with the Christmas Tree. We started out with a fake tree, then we picked out one from the lot, now finally we have graduated to cutting one down ourselves, and next year, I would really like to do what Monica and her family doIMG_0084

Christmas Decorations:

The kids really got into helping decorate this year. The past few years we have been a little “lean” when it came to decorating. But this year we went all out. We spent last Saturday, turning our house into a Christmas wonderland.

The Ornaments especially were a big deal to Treyton. I was surprised how much meaning he put into each one, and all the questions he asked. We talked about each and every one, and he had a lot to go through. At only 5 years old but has nearly 30 ornaments!!

Alexa also loved her ornaments, but was not as interested in decorating as she was in playing.

Each year we give the kids ornaments to represent something special they did that year. This Treyton got a baseball one, Lexie a butterfly and Audrey a name angel and a giraffe first year ornament. IMG_0063

Rootbeer Float Celebration

After working so hard to decorate we took a short break to have some root beer floats. It’s amazing how such a “little thing” can become such a big memory for a family.  IMG_0032 Treyton helped prepare the treats.

IMG_0033 Lexie had her own special coconut ice cream, which she thoroughly enjoyed.



IMG_0038  Yum!!

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