Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent: Days 5-6

And so the Advent Calendar continues.


One of my favorite activities that we are doing this year is painting a 15 piece plaster nativity set that I picked up last year from JoAnn’s. This is a process, but here is an unfinished picture of what we have done so far.

IMG_0145This has been a fun family project we pull out at night. Lexie is absolutely in love with her pig (probably because it’s pink), she sometimes calls it her oink, oink. IMG_0154Treyton’s favorite contribution is his angel, I think he likes the glitter. IMG_0153

Dad was selected to paint the center of the nativity, the stable, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  (He isn’t finished with it) IMG_0155I have painted 2 of the 3 kings (Treyton painted King #3).     

IMG_0152Treyton and Lexie also set up their little people nativity set in their bedroom. We went through each of the pieces one at a time and talked about each of the people and what they had to do with Jesus’ birth.


There have been a few nights that they kids received Advent gifts from Tim and I (Lexie’s favorite was a new glass tea set, Treyton’s was a hot wheel set). IMG_0064

In addition to receiving gifts, we have also been working on some home made gifts for our extended family. We are just starting to work on these. 


Christmas Cards:

Like the presents, we are looking at both the giving and receiving of Christmas cards.

Treyton made a few of his friends some “magic cards” which we sent in the mail, and we also spent a night praying for the families who have already sent us Christmas cards. I plan on continuing this throughout the season as we receive more cards.

And so it continues….

We are getting lots out of our Advent Calendar this year, the kids are excited every day to open a new box, and I keep adding more and more fun ideas ;)

I should include that as we are doing our activities we are also reading the appropriate pages found in Lisa Welchel’s The ADVENTure of Christmas book. A great addition to the calendar.

So tell us about your advent plans, are you and your family doing anything special? What are some of your family’s favorite traditions?

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Anonymous said...

What great activities! I love the hand painted nativity scene :-)