Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Science In the Kitchen: Bricks

Over Christmas break we tried to do a few educational activities. I found this simple science experiment in a book (the name escapes me). IMG_0124We took sugar cubes and stacked them up in two separate bowls. We put a piece of plastic over the first layer in one of the bowls, while leaving the other wall stand-alone.


We then poured some colored water into each of the bowls. The sugar cubes represented bricks.


We learned that when you build a brick house it is important to put a layer between the bricks (near the bottom) to prevent moisture from seeping up through the bricks.   IMG_0126


Ticia said...

So, are the cubes wrapped in plastic wrap? I'm feeling slow this morning and think I missed something.

But what a great illustration, and I could so see that being used for the wise and foolish man building houses.

Monica said...

Too much fun!

Crissyanna said...

Ooooh, we'll have to do this over spring break. And I love the look in your middle's eyes on that last pic. Too adorable and you can tell she had fun!