Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 16

IMG_0022 Daily Board Elements:  

Letter of the Week: Tt

Color of the Week: Red

Shape of the Week: Square

Number of the Week: 9

Memory Verse: “In Everything Give Thanks” 1 Thessalonians 5:

State: Iowa

Phonics & Reading:

Sight words continue to be Treyton’s kryptonite in reading. He does well when we are diligent at reviewing them. We’ve come up with some fun ways to do that: sight word memory – Treyton’s favorite!! (I just put the words on 3 1/2 * 5 inch cards), we played this probably 10 times this week. I make Treyton read every sight word he turns over, and then at the end of the game we each have to read the site word pairs we made. This is an EXCELLENT game for him, giving him tons of exposure to the words.


In addition to the memory game, we also did a flash card game a timed quiz and a “spelling test”. He enjoyed doing all of these activities often repeating them at night to play with Dad. He made lots of progress with his sight words this week!!

He also finished the Explode the Code book 1!! He was so proud of himself. Being a goal-oriented kid he celebrated BIG TIME when he finished his last page. We also started the first couple of pages in books two. Learning about blends: fl, gl, cl and bl. I was surprised how easily he is taking too.


Treyton is loving Aesop Fables right now, I only read 1 every other day, but he is always asking me to read more. He almost always narrates them back to me.

We’re continuing to read Paddle-to-the-Sea, the kids really like this book, which surprises me, because I don’t really feel like they are getting very much from it. This is a great book, however, and I am sure that we will read it again in the future, going into more detail.

I also started reading a few nursery rhymes out of a book called “Pocketful of Posies” Treyton says he doesn’t like them, but I think he does. Lexie really enjoys them, which doesn’t surprise me – she is a rhythm girl for sure.

Narration & Illustration:

Treyton decided to narrate an Aesop Fable “The Fox and the Hen”, which Tim read to him this week. He also illustrated it in his art book. IMG_0032


We have started going through “Come Look with Me” I love the exposure to art, something I don’t recall having much of, so this book is as much for me as it is for him.


Daniel and the Writing on the Wall


Horizon Lessons 60-66


Treyton started adding larger numbers last week, this week he really began to get it. He learned to add the ones column first and the tens column second. They have not introduced carrying, or numbers adding to over 10 yet.


I’m so proud of him. Math is one of those subjects that you can actually see a light bulb go off in Treyton’s head when he gets it. Rewarding. 

Handwriting & Copywork:

Now that we’re not keeping on track with MFW Kindergarten, we are flying through HWTs. Treyton still really enjoys the Handwriting Without Tears program, and being an “easier” subject, one he can do completely on his own, and have mom check, motivates him even more to get it done.

Tot School:

Lexie is doing really well with her colors. She is able to hold up an item and tell me the color for white, black, green, blue, pink, red, orange and yellow. She says “orange” so cute, without the /r/ so it sounds like “oange” (imagine a real thick boston accent), it’s adorable.


She also spent part of the week, practicing her cutting skills. I had picked up some Melissa & Doug scissors for super cheap, one is a straight cut the other rigid. She loves cutting up the little pieces and paper, and I’ve been diligent about teaching her scissor safety, a lesson she has thus far taken for granted. IMG_0024

One of the exciting things that happened this week was that when I asked Treyton “Where do we live?” and Lexie yelled out “WISCONSIN!!” I was so surprised she knew it! It’s amazing how much she learns just by being around Treyton learning.

We will be taking a couple of weeks off of school, possibly starting up at the beginning of the year. We will continue to do some “light” school, but really it’s just going to be maintenance type school. Enjoy your holidays!!

Merry Christmas!

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