Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bible: Elisha, the Widow and Oil

This week in Bible we read the story of the prophet Elisha and the widow who God helped provide oil for.       

We read the story every morning after our daily board time.

By Thursday, instead of reading the story I had Treyton tell Lexie and I the story.

Day 1: Filling “Jars” - after reading the story I took a pitcher with blue water, filled only a little bit and asked, how many cups do you think this pitcher of water will fill? They guessed. I then poured the water I had, and filled less than 1 cup. We talked about how that was not enough water for all of us to drink and how we would all like water in our glasses. We talked about how in the story, even though the oil should have run out it didn’t and it filled up ALL of the jars the woman collected.


I then pulled out a hidden bottle of water and poured cups for all of us. I said “I didn’t make a miracle like God did in this story, but I am able to fill up our cups and provide for our needs with the water God has given us.” (we did not drink this water, I had other – not blue – water for us to drink)

Day 2: God Loves Everyone - we talked about how God cares for everyone, taking care of all of us. God does this because He loves the whole world. I cut out a heart shape, and then gave the kids an old magazine to go through and cut out pictures of any people they could find that God loves. IMG_0040

Because God loves everyone, every picture of a person we found they were able to cut out. I think this really helped illustrate to Treyton the fact that God truly loves EVERYONE. After the kids cut out their pictures they glued them on the heart. IMG_0041 Day 3: Jars of Oil – I printed off two pictures of jar. I then took a tiny put of oil and placed it in a small glass bowl (less than a tablespoon probably). We talked about how God took a little of oil and made it into lots of oil. The kids dipped their fingers into the oil and made prints of oil all over their jars.

IMG_0050We held them up to the light and it looked like our jars were “filled with oil”. We even had some left in the bowl. IMG_0051

I then glued the jars to double layered construction paper (so the oil wouldn’t seep through), and wrote “God Cares for Us” on the page, to remind us that God cares for us and takes care of us, just like he took care of the widow.


Day 4: God Takes Care of Us – I wanted to relate the story of the widow to our own life and how God takes care of us, like He took care of the widow. The kids and I made a list of the ways that God takes care of us. They listed everything from hugs from lamby, to food and heat in our house. We prayed to God and told Him how thankful we were.


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Ticia said...

I love your Bible units, that is so cool!

Crystal Hayward said...

I like your idea of letting them put finger prints of oil on their jar. But what did you make the jars our of as paper would absorb it? I figured it might be transparensy film. thank you Crystal Hayward