Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bible: King Josiah and the Hidden Scrolls

The story of King Josiah was actually not in most of our Children’s Bibles I found them in two of them, so we used those two all week.

Treyton really liked the story because King Josiah became king when he was 8 years old!! I mean what 5 year old doesn’t like the idea of that?

Doing Bible this week was really special, because Dad' changed his schedule at work and is now here in the morning when the kids and I wake up. He is now doing Bible with us in the morning before we leave.

Dad read the story and then I would facilitate an activity.

I decided that our focus was going to be on the importance of the Bible, and I implemented several of the ideas that My Father’s World recommended for the week.

Day 1: The Bible  66 Books

I actually got this idea from My Father’s World. I gathered 66 small books and explained to the kids how there were 66 books inside of our 1 Bible book. It was a really awesome illustration.

IMG_0001 Day 2: The Bible Written by God

I wrote the name of five Bible author’s on 3 * 5 cards and then wrote “God” on the back of them. We talked about how different men wrote the Bible but that God was actually the author, which is what made the Bible so special.


Day 3: Find the Bible

I hid the Bible and we played “hot” or “cold” to find it, just like Josiah. Treyton LOVED this game and we had to play it several times (and actually did it for more than 1 day).


Day 4: Written on a Scroll

Originally I was going to have the kids write a verse on a piece of paper, roll it up and put a sticker on it (like a scroll), but then instead of doing that Treyton wanted to get his scroll out for Dad and read him his letter scroll that he made for school the week before. It was a proud moment.


Like we do every week, we read the story to Treyton for the first three days and then had him retell the story the following 2 days. On day 2, Dad decided to have Treyton help him read the story with his children’s Bible. He did so good, we will definitely be doing that from now on.


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Great ideas - thanks for sharing.