Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TOS Review: Holman Bible Dictionary

HSCrew468x60AnimatedHolman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids

Product Description: The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids helps children ages 5 to 10 better understand more than 750 Bible terms through vivid design and clear, concise definitions. More than 500 of the featured words are paired with full-color photographs, illustrations, maps, or reconstructions to enhance comprehension.

imageProduct Review: When I saw this book was up for review, my heart nearly pounded out of my chance, I was EXTACTIC when I saw I was actually going to have the opportunity to review it, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all.

A beautiful book, Treyton and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing it!! It was full of great, colorful illustrations and simple explanations for Bible terms, places and people. On any given day Treyton asks a variety of Bible questions, and this book was very helpful in answering them in an easy, visual way.

One of my favorite aspects of the book were it’s “real-life” pictures. Whenever I can find actual pictures, I try to use them to show Treyton the reality of what we are talking about. He prefers them as well.

I also enjoyed many of the charts found within the book, particularly the chart of Jesus’ Parables, which shows the occasion in which he spoke it, the lesson taught and the Biblical references. Or the chart of the Jewish feasts, which shows the Biblical reference, a description of the feast and the season in which it is celebrated.

Along with these aspects there are also:

  • Pronunciation guides
  • Reconstructions of places (rome, temple, tabernacle, etc.)
  • Illustrated Charts
  • Charts
  • Entries (with King James Words)
  • Definitions

As far as I’m concerned this is a beneficial resource for any family or library whether homeschooling or not.

If you would like to view a sample of this book, click here.

Purchase: On for $14.99 or on Amazon for $10.19

**Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, in exchange for my honest opinion/review. To see more reviews from other homeschoolers, visit the TOS Crew website.

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