Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 16

Letters of the Week: A B C, D E F, G H I

Numbers of the Week: 1-2

Shape of the Week: Square

Color of the Week: Red

Memory Verse: “In Everything Give Thanks” 1 Thess 5:12

Bible: This week in MFW 1st Grade, we talked about how the Bible was written a long time ago, and how it wasn’t originally written in a book, like we have it now, it was written on scrolls. We looked at a picture of a scroll in the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids.

Treyton thought this was really interesting, especially when I told him some scrolls were 35 feet long (un rolled of course)!!

Our activity this week was making our own pottery jars, because scrolls were often stored inside of scrolls.

December 2010 001 

December 2010 002 December 2010 003

December 2010 004

I was a little disappointed the jars didn’t turn out a little bit better, they ended up cracking and didn’t have much depth to them.

MFW 1st Grade: This is our first week with MFW 1st grade, and I’m really impressed with it. It’s easy to follow along and teach out of, and it offers a lot without overwhelming me or Treyton. I feel at ease, and I trust the program enough for the weeks that I don’t want to (or can’t) add to it at all.

Phonics & Reading: We’re starting out reviewing the letters and sounds at a very quick pace, before getting into the real phonics program. As we go through the letters Treyton has some special “scroll handwriting pages” that we will be connecting and making a scroll from. He takes the job very seriously, just like the writers of the scrolls in the Bible times, he has to be very neat, and careful not to make mistakes.

December 2010 007

We are continuing to read Sonlight’s I Can Read it book 1. On the first day, Treyton jumped right back in and read 2 stories without a problem!! He kept saying “Wow mom, I’m reading fast, just like a mom or dad!!” It brings such joy to my heart for him to take pride in his reading.

Math: We just started Singapore Math first grade. I am really liking it so far. The teacher’s manual is VERY helpful in providing extra hands-on activities for us to do. We completed unit 1, which was just review for numbers 1-10.

Literature: Over Christmas break we finished reading paddle to the sea. We are now focusing on Aesop’s Fables, and Stories from Around the World.

Fine Arts: This semester we are working on fine arts appreciation. We will be continuing to look at pieces of art (mostly paintings) and music (mostly hymns), and discussing the artist/author, the history and our opinions of the pieces.

For art appreciation we looked at the third painting in Come Look With Me and discussed the painting in detail. It’s hard for Treyton to talk about his opinions rather than finding a right or wrong answer for something. But once his imagination is sparked he comes up with a lot of great theories and ideas. For the particular piece of art we looked at this week he asked “Why is it brighter here and not here?” I had him tell me what he thought. He said “I think that there is a light over here (pointing to the side of the picture), you can’t see it, but it’s shining here, but not over here.” I thought that was pretty insightful.

image We also started the “Hymns for a Kid’s Heart”. We listened to the song “Holy, Holy, Holy” and read the story of Reginald Heber. I cannot say enough good things about this book!! I actually cried reading the story (and no, I’m not really sure why). Treyton enjoyed the illustrations.

Geography: We recently got the Melissa and Doug Floor World Puzzle – I had Treyton put it together and we talked about how there are 7 continents. We are going to try to learn one each week, starting this week with North America.

December 2010 006

After Treyton put the puzzle together, I read a story out of Stories from Around the World (one from Australia). We found Australia on the map. 

We also reviewed the states we already know this week. Treyton does really well with remembering the states (he knows about 25 of them), but with about 1/2 of them he remembers based on a fact about that state (like for Pennsylvania, he remembers it once I tell him they make chocolate there), not by the name of the state. So I’m no longer going to be introducing new states, only reviewing the ones he already knows. MFW Adventures goes through the states, so we will pick up the US States again when we get there.

Science: We briefly began discussing things that live under ground. Treyton named all the animals he could think of: worms, mice, ants, rabbits. I helped him to remember a few more: bugs, snails and moles. We read a two pages in our “Things Outdoors” book, about things under ground.

Tot School: Lexie was VERY excited to get back to school this week. She wanted to work on everything this week – colors, numbers and shapes. I posted a video here of her counting while working on her Melissa and Doug Number Train Puzzle.   December 2010 008She asked to do her paint brush color matching folder every day this week!! She is doing very well with her colors. She knows: pink, red, orange, black, blue, orange and yellow, very well.

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