Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 17


Letters of the Week: J K L, M N O, P Q R, S T U

Numbers of the Week: 3-6

Memory Verse: Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

Bible: We made a jewish calendar this week. While I really enjoyed this activity, mostly because I’m interested in that sort of thing. I don’t really understand how it ties into anything else that we’re doing, hopefully it will come in more later. Treyton didn’t really get it, and wasn’t all that interested in it either…. for now it’s on the wall next to our daily board, so we will change it from month to month.

I printed off the MFW 1st grade copywork page for our verse and had Treyton copy the verse, he really struggled with this, especially the long words “beginning”, “knowledge” and “understanding”.        IMG_0037 Math: This week we are working on number bonds. We used legos as our hands-on manipulatives this week and WOW!! I can’t think of a better way to get Treyton interested in a subject!!

IMG_0027Thanks to the legos, he has picked up on number bonds very quickly. IMG_0026While I floundered the first few days trying to “organize it in my head”, he was already memorizing them, so by the time I made my handy-dandy worksheet for him to complete daily, he was flying through numbers 1-3 and their number bonds, and doing 4-6 without too much effort at all. IMG_0064

It has helped a lot that he is already familiar with addition facts, rather than introducing the number bonds first and then addition (which is what Singapore Math does). We will see how it all flows into the following addition and subtraction units.

Treyton did a little shape review this week too with Lexie during Tot School.


MFW 1st Grade/Science:

This week we learned about things near the ground. We chose to primarily focus on worms (mostly because they were cheap to purchase and easy to store so that we could do some hands-on learning with them).


The first thing we did with our worms was to draw a picture of one in our nature journal.


Then we took a quart size jar and filled it with dirt. We put all of our worms in their so that we could watch them build their tunnels. When we weren’t doing science we covered the jar up with a towel to keep it dark.


 IMG_0029 (an hour after being put in the jar)

We found a book at the library called “Class Worms” that was really fun to read, and sparked a lot of questions for Treyton. The book was fiction, but set up different worm experiments and questions, leaving several of them unanswered or partially answered, which for our purposes was great!!

Some of the questions Treyton set out to answer:

  1. Do worms like water? Worms seemed to like puddles. We put a small puddle on our table and had a pile of worms near it, within a couple of minutes they were all in the puddle.   IMG_0077 
  2. What do worms eat? Dirt and things in dirt, like roots (we learned this from a nature encyclopedia).
  3. What do worms do when they get close to one another? “They bump into each other” Treyton said. Whenever we would take the worms out for experiments, they all seemed to find each other somehow. IMG_0019
  4. What does a worm do when it bumps a pencil? Treyton guessed that a worm would go over a pencil, I guessed they would go around. During the process of experiments, we saw worms do both. IMG_0086
  5. What does a worm do when it comes to the edge of the table? Typically, they fall off.
  6. How Big is a Worm? One of the first things Treyton noticed about worms was that they could stretched. He wanted to measure a worm, so we carefully measured a worm when it was un-stretched (it was about 2 inches from head to end) then when it was crawling it got to nearly 5 inches – more than doubling it’s size!!
  7. Do worms like wet or dry homes better? After doing a wet and dry paper towel experiment, we decided that worms like wet better. IMG_0072 

Treyton learned a lot about experiments through this process, primarily that you need to do an experiment more than once to get an accurate answer, and that sometimes you get different answers.

This was a fun science unit to do, it was easy to do, but we learned a lot.

Phonics & Reading:

Last week, Treyton was “flying” through his reader, this week I can only describe it as “pulling teeth”. He still loves to read and is more eager than ever to succeed, but it’s almost as if he is trying too hard. He wants so much to be a good reader that he isn’t sounding out the way he should. He had little retention or comprehension of what he was reading. I’m finding with the Sonlight readers we are using that while he is reading “stories” they are introducing a lot of new words that Treyton doesn’t understand. For example, in his most recent story they used the words lads, gals and gab. Treyton doesn’t hear or use those words in normal conversation, and not that I don’t think he should learn their meaning, but when you’re reading a two-page story to learn 4-5 “new” words distracts him from the task at hand which right now is blending, sounding out and learning simple phonics rules.


We read several books this week. We read stories from Beatrix Potter, Stories from Around the World, Lexie’s Princess Bible as well as the books Pink, Just Like my Mommy and Class Worms.

In Aesop Fables we read the story of the Lion and the Fox, Treyton illustrated it.



Business & Finance:

This week, Treyton worked on putting a snack stand at Dad’s work to make a little money. We found a sale at woodman’s for gum and candy so he spent his own money ($23) to stock a little candy stand to put on the counter for Dad’s customer’s – on his first day he made three sales! At the end of the week he made about 15 sales!! IMG_0076

Fine Arts:

We didn’t get to our Hymn book this week but we did do the fourth picture in Come Look with Me: Portraits.


I started a craft club recently. The kids and I got a couple of cute snowman crafts to work on. I think they turned out really cute.  IMG_0044  IMG_0041 Lexie was really into painting the glue onto the snowman ruler – she is a very dedicated artist.

IMG_0050We call Lexie’s the “melted snowman”. It’s awesome!!


I am beginning to focus a little more on World Geography, Treyton is having a hard time memorizing the continents, but I think he’ll get it no problem in time.

We worked on our Melissa and Doug World Puzzle, and read a story out of “Stories from Around the World” from North America. Which is the first continent I’m trying to get him to memorize.

Just for Fun:


Tot School:

Colors: Lexie asked to play hyper dash this week. She was surprisingly good at it!! She would hear the color, repeat it and run over and hit it. She initiated this entirely on her own. IMG_0074

She also took out the cuisenart rods and sorted them into colors, and stacked them up. IMG_0030

Shapes: I went ahead and printed out the shape card mats from confessions of a homeschooler and had lexie roll out play-doh and put them on, as well as trace the shapes with a dry erase marker. IMG_0041 

IMG_0046We used the mats as flashcards too for drills. She did really well. It’s fun to play games with her. She is really good at heart, stars and oval but is still learning triangle, square, circle and rectangle.

Coloring and Art: Lexie loves to color and draw and using all types of tools to do it – her favorite is markers, then colored pencils and finally crayons. IMG_0002She asks for a coloring page every day, and then she takes scissors and cuts pieces off around the edge.



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Giggly Girls said...

Great week! Awesome science study!

aly in va said...

You guys were busy. I too really like the science experiments with worms. Just stopped by from Tot School to say hello.

Ticia said...

I love your worm experiments. I'm surprised they all went to the water, because I would have thought it would cause them to drown.