Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 18

Letters of the Week: V, W, X, Y and Z

Numbers of the Week: 6, 7, 8, 9

Shape of the Week: Square

Color of the Week: Red

Memory Verse: We actually did two verses this week. Matthew 22:37-38 “Jesus Replied ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.”

and started John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


I printed off the copy work pages and a memory book pages from Hubbard’s Cupboard for each of our verses. I decided not to continue on with memorizing the proverbs that go along with My Father’s World because Treyton had a hard time understanding them. IMG_0044Our first verse I chose from our family devotion, Matthew 22:37-38. But then, on Wednesday night we actually had the opportunity to bring Treyton to an AWANA program. (Side Note: I have been wanting to put Treyton’s in AWANA’s for forever, but the only church in the area that I knew and really trusted that has an AWANA was only open to church attendees. So when I found an AWANA at a church we really like, I was sold.) The first verse he needs to learn is John 3:16, for the remainder of the year we will be pulling our memory verses from our AWANA book.

For our Bible story we studied the story of Elisha, the Widow and oil this week.


We kept working on and completed Unit 2 in our Singapore Math 1st grade which was on number bonds. This week we started trying to find the missing numbers in our number bonds.

I am so excited to see how well Treyton is doing with Singapore. He’s always done well with math, but he seems to especially like the approach we’re using and how thoroughly we are covering each unit. He also had the opportunity to do his first review test and he did really well on it.

Now that Treyton is able to count by 5s I briefly introduced telling time more specifically than just on the hour. It’s still a little bit over his head, but it was a good intro.  IMG_0039

MFW 1st Grade:

I combined two weeks worth of work this week to get us past the review section. I took out their science, which was on the seasons, because we’ve done seasons (twice) already.

We finished letter V-Z as well as covered the short sounds of the vowels. We have now completed up to Day 18, and are past all of the stuff we covered in Kindergarten, so next week starts new material for Treyton.

Our activity this week was to make a scroll out of our handwriting sheets that we have been working on as we’ve gone through the letter review. To be honest, I did most of the detail work on this (taping the sheets together and to the dowels), Treyton helped roll and then spent 30 minutes playing with it, which I think was the point more than assembling the scroll. He thinks it’s pretty cool and he keeps it on the bookshelf so he can take it out whenever he wants. IMG_0014


Extra Phonics & Reading:

We played Sight Word Bingo twice this week, I printed off blank Bingo sheets here and filled in the sight words that we’re currently working on. We add new sight words almost every day, but if we don’t review our old ones everyday as well Treyton forgets them very easily. We started a sight word book, so as Treyton is learning new words, he is able to write them in his book once we feel like he has it learned well. This is a good motivation tool for Treyton, he wants to write the words in his book so badly ;).


Treyton also read in his I Can Read it reader every day this week – most days he read two stories. I’m not sure what the issue was really but it was pretty rough this week, towards the end of the week it got a little smoother. IMG_0009

Treyton is starting to read everywhere. We’ll be out and he’ll say “I know what that word says, mom, it says _____” Today at church during the praise and worship he tugged on my arm and said “Does that say I free?” The words of the song were up on the screen and about halfway down it said “I am free” – I was really proud of him. We haven’t even covered long e sounds!

We continue to use the talking fingers program called Read, Write & Type Learning System, which is a typing, phonics and reading program that Treyton just LOVES. Treyton completed another certificate this week, learning 4 more sounds/letters k, th, d and ? (I can’t remember). Treyton LOVES this part of his day, so we save it for the days that he works hard in school. IMG_0060


Treyton specifically asked this week to start reading chapter books again, which I had stopped doing because he seemed bored, but since he asked (wink, wink) I got several from the library.

We decided to start with “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”. We read chapter 1. Treyton was able to narrate back to me, pretty accurately what we had read together. It brought up discussion on the north and south poles, because Treyton didn’t know what/where they were. So we got out our globe and took a closer look. He asked if the South Pole was cold and the North Pole was hot. So we also talked about the temperatures and what it might be like at each place.

We also talked about summer jobs, and what it might be like to not make money for part of the year – how you would have to save while you were working to pay for the things you needed when you weren’t working. I was surprised that Treyton initiated such a conversation and that he understood what we were talking about.


(This is a picture of the kids, cuddling during story time, this is one of our favorite times of the day)

In addition to Mr. Popper’s Penguins we also read

Fine Arts:

We learned about Martin Luther and his hymn “A Mighty Fortress is our God” out of Hymn’s for a Kid's Heart.

We also looked at the next picture in Come Look with Me, this week Treyton showed even more interest than usual in the portraits, and described the picture and what might be happening with more imagination and detail.  He’s certainly improving every week with how well he will look at a picture and his interest in it.

Next week, we might switch it up a bit and look at some portrait ones.

Drawing & Crafts:

We did another Mark Kistler’s video this week, drawing a ‘Jillion Jellyfish’. Personally, this was one of my favorite lessons. I usually do the lessons with Treyton (because my drawing is so terrible), Treyton’s shading showed great improvement this week.


The kids colored flags this week. Lexie decided to make her own unique flag while Treyton did a great job at coloring the flag as accurately as he could.




The continents continued to be our focus this week for geography. Treyton finally started to remember North America, which was our goal for the week, and South America, which was a bonus!


Treyton has been doing some spanish lessons from speekee, which we are reviewing for the TOS Crew, my review will come later this week. The videos range between 10-20 minutes, and are entirely Spanish speaking. Treyton really wants to learn spanish, and so far can count to 4, and say adios. He sometimes remembers “te llamo Treyton” which means my name is Treyton. But not much beyond that yet. I will be looking into a spanish curriculum for next year.

Tot School:

For Tot School this week, Lexie did color bingo. This was an important lesson in listening and patience for her, because I was doing sight-word Bingo with Treyton at the same time.

IMG_0002For extra color review, I had her sort some beads. She LOVED doing this and asked for it every day.

IMG_0023As she would sort she would say the names of the colors (even if we weren’t standing there with her). IMG_0028

We read lots of books this week. Lexie likes to read, but sometimes her ability to sit and pay attention comes and goes. This week it was definitely a “go”. We read several fancy nancy books, Just like mom, her Princess Bible,  10 little Lady Bugs, and her personalized Jesus Loves Me storybook.

She also continued to enjoy using her play-doh shape mats from confessions of a homeschooler this week. This is a nice activity because she does it on her own while Treyton and I work on some imageof his tougher subjects. 

For Christmas got a game called Zimbbos, its a stacking game. It reminds me of a simple game of Bandu. IMG_0035Treyton, Lexie and I played it several times this week. It was fun and also worked on her fine motor skills. Lexie was really good at it, she won about half of the times we played it.        IMG_0037It’s such a joy to teach Lexa, she loves learning and she loves doing school. She doesn’t want to have my attention at all times, and learns most things just by paying attention to what Treyton is doing. She loves singing songs, so I now let the kids each pick a song to sing during our Daily Board time. This week her favorite was “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands”.

She is able to say along with Treyton and I the pledge of allegiance and the days of the week. She can’t quite do them on her own, and if you ask her what day of the week it is she always says “Tuesday” but she’s catching on, which is more than I ever expected at 2.

Here is some of her art this week. IMG_0045


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sbswtp said...

What a great week!!!

Amy said...

We just finished Popper's Penguins last week. My kids loved it and laughed hysterically with each reading! I hope you enjoy it as much. Now we are doing a science unit on penguins to finish off the whole theme. We have started Dolphin Treasure by Wayne Grover for a new chapter book, but the kids are less excited since it doesn't have the same humor.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week! I love the sight word Bingo game. How fun!

Erudition said...

We currently offer two products that would be a great addition to SW bingo. Our board game provides fun and entertainment while reinforcing sight words and basic phonics. We also offer a 128 page activity & coloring book which is perfect to reinforce SW and basic phonics. Please visit us at

julie said...

I have got to check out Mark Kistler--you're the second homeschooler who's recommended him!

Have you heard the continents song? It's super-short, and names all the continents, and when my girls went to Montessori all the 3-6-year-olds would sing it at circle time. I could in no way transcribe the melody, but there are probably videos of it somewhere on the internet.