Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 19

Numbers of the Week:

Shape of the Week: Triangle

Color of the Week: Yellow

Memory Verse: John 3:16 “For God so loved the world.”

Bible: The Story of Josiah finding the Law.


MFW 1st Grade: We have been doing the number of the day every day, adding beans to a cup each day and recording the number on our number chart. This week we hit day 10, so we transferred our 10 beans to a stick.


Phonics & Reading: Treyton and I are love, love, loving the MFW 1st grade phonics. I also really enjoyed the ETC technique and will have those books as back up to use if need be. However, for our primary curriculum, this is definitely the approach I like. There is dictation, copy work, lots of reading of words/sounds, not too much busy work, but lots of reinforcement.


This week Treyton worked on long vowel sounds. I was happily surprised with how easily he picked them up. His reading is improving every day. IMG_0025

He also started and nearly finished his animal tales booklet – which consisted of copying a sentence and then illustrating it every day. He messed up his n (in can) and was really upset about it, which is when he realized why it was important to listen to mom and use a pencil (with an eraser).

We are still working through the sonlight readers, but I am now realizing they are actually “behind” his reading level. I plan on still using them, because Treyton enjoys them and because it’s good practice, but if any of you have good ideas as far as other readers, I would love to hear about them.

I did get a cute Phonics reader recommended by my sister-in-law that Treyton is enjoying called Phonics Stories, it’s from usborne. It’s well illustrated and fun to read (with flaps and such).


We are reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins. This week we read chapters 2-5. Our science, geography and literature activities are all stemming from this book.  IMG_0052 We are compiling a lap-journal (literally a book, not a folder) as we read through the book. So far we have added:


  • Two copywork dictations and illustrations of the book from Treyton.
    • 1st dictation: “Mr. Popper is a painter. He likes to read books about Antartica. He has a wife and 2 kids. He likes penguins.”
    • 2nd Dictation: Captain Cook had pink little feet. He ate all the goldfish. The dad put some ice down so captain cook could sleep.
  • A penguin flipbook where we are adding little facts we’re learning about penguins.


  • A penguin food chain: Seals eat penguins – penguins eat fish and crustations from the ocean.

Eventually I will have a separate post with more details and links regarding our time spent reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins, but this will be well in the future, probably towards the end of the book.

I wanted Treyton to draw a penguin, but he does better with step-by-step instructions, so I made him a little sheet to do it:


Fine Arts:

We did three Mark Kistler drawings this week. Again, I cannot emphasize how much we are enjoying these videos. Treyton is getting slightly more creative with his drawings adding his own little touches here and there which I like to see.


We also did a landscape picture this week out of Come Look With Me. We made little tubes with our hands to look at the picture through and were able to see much more fine detail.


This week for our craft the kids made cups.



We started focusing on the Antartica this week, I think it’s going to take a while for Treyton to remember the name, but he’s already learned about the climate and some of the wildlife there (primarily penguins ;))


The kids were overboard crazy for legos this week. Treyton and I finally started to put together his Lego City Police Station it took us 3 nights.


He loved it!! I loved it!! It was a great time.


Lexie wanted to get in on the action so she would either play with Treyton’s men, or get her own legos out and play.

IMG_0033  Tot School:


This week Lexie and I worked on learning about triangles. How to recognize them and draw them. She was so proud of herself and asked every day to draw triangles. One evening she even traced one in the air to show dad.


She was so absolutely adorable, one morning after tracing her triangles she said to me “Mama, I can be a triangle” she got up from the table and did this:


I printed off a bunch of new games, cut them out and laminated for her to play, now that she is really getting into playing them. Her favorite ones this week were the cupcake games I got from file folder fun. IMG_0021She picked out a size one and put 8 or so cupcakes in order by size, and she also liked the number cupcakes. I needed to work one-on-one with her to help her with this game. She would count the cherries and then I would give her the right number to match up. Hopefully this will help her learn how to identify a few of the numerals.

I also printed off and laminated Confessions of a Homeschooler’s animal matching sets which she matched up. She loves these sorts of things and will spend a lot of time just sitting at the table playing different games with them.  IMG_0046


After reading Mr. Popper’s penguins one day, I cut out some number penguins for Lexie. She colored matching penguins and egg numbers. Then she matched them up.


She also had a great time with her cutting food this week.



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Our Side of the Mountain said...

We LOVE Mr Popper's Penguins here! GREAT BOOK! Fun week! How wonderful on the long vowels!


Anonymous said...

I love that first picture with all the books!!

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to find any good Packer-School Resources? If yes, please share....

Fellow Wisconsin Gal :)

Amber said...

@ Fellow Wisconsin Gal
No, we haven't got much for packer-school resources, but I should probably look for some, if I come across anything I will definitely post them!

Katie said...

I love the picture of your son with the books!

Jodi said...

Looks like you guys had a great week! A lot of my friends from church us MFW and LOVE it. I heard the author's husband speak the Indy homeschool conference last year and he was fabulous. Thanks for linking up! Asher would have loved building the legos with you!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the Packers! I found some printables. Very Excited! They have football and Packer ones! Go under themes, then football.

Good Luck!

McMama said...

Wow!! That sounds like so much fun!!! MFW looks very enticing. Hmmm might have to think about that one for my 5 year old's first year of school next year.
Have a great weekend fellow CrewMate.