Monday, January 10, 2011

What We Are Reading: Pink

At the library this week, we picked up a book called “PinkimageIt’s a story about a penguin that one morning wakes up to discover that he has turned pink!! Being a boy, he is particularly disturbed with his predicament. After being teased at school, he decides to take a trip from Antartica to Africa to meet some flamingos (other pink birds).

This is a cute story encouraging kids that being different is okay, and that it can even be a good thing. December 2010 006 This book, without even knowing it, played really well into our continent studies. Because when Patrick  the penguin comes back from his travels he shares with all the kids in his class where he went, just like him, we charted it out on the map.

Since reading this story, Treyton actually has an easier time with his floor puzzle, and he tells me “It’s warmer here” pointing to Africa. Before reading this story, he would often forget to count Antarctica as a continent, but since reading it, he hasn’t forgotten.

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