Saturday, February 26, 2011

Children’s Magazine We Enjoy

We are happy subscribers to a few magazines, that I thought I would share some about. 

Your Big Backyard – A Wildlife Magazine geared for 4-7 year olds. This magazine is one of my favorites, The pictures are the best. imageObviously, about nature in subject, it includes lots of animal facts, but also has a few stories, games, activities (including drawing lessons and/or crafts) recommended books, recipes and ideas for getting outside. Treyton easily looks through this magazine with or with me sitting down with him to actually read it. Costs are $19.95 a year (10 issues per year).

Highlights High Five – This magazine subscription is a gift from his Aunt, which he’s gotten for a couple of years now. It is filled with little stories, some with a few spanish words, silly pages (these are Treyton’s favorite, where you find and circle something silly in a picture), hidden pictures and then they also usually have a craft or recipe in there somewhere too (another favorite of Treyton’s). This is a good, fun magazine for kids. I consider it more of a fun magazine for Treyton with some educational benefits, rather than the other way around.

Something to keep in mind, is that they also offer parent/teacher guides for each edition on their site. This magazine is recommended for ages 2-6, though Alexa (2) doesn’t seem as interested as Treyton (5). A 1-Year subscription is $34.44 with the price decreasing the more years you subscribe for.

image God’s World News (Early Edition Pre-K – 1st Grade) – This magazine is centered around current events, rather than science or literature stories. It writes of these events from a God-Centered perspective, which is my favorite thing about this magazine. The nice thing about this magazine I feel is the variety it brings compared to the other magazines we subscribe to, and the fact that it has Biblical roots is a large added bonus. It also includes a few activities and puzzles in every episode which is fun for Treyton. A full-year subscription (10 episodes) costs $24.95-$29.95 depending on the level you purchase.

image Animal Baby – The National Wildlife Federation (the same group that produces Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard Magazines) puts out this magazine for the younger age bracket. This magazine I got for Alexa (2 1/2) and we just got our first edition which she loves! It has both real-life pictures and illustrations, is colorful, smaller in size (perfect for little hands), simply written and age appropriate for a toddler (2-4). Obviously focusing on animals, it shares little facts about specific animals. Our particular edition had an “I spy” with 4 animals to spy, a mimic poem, a cute fictional story and a craft idea. Animal Baby costs $19.95 a year (10 Episodes), depending on when you order you may receive a free gift of some sort (we got a free plate and fork).

 Time For Kids (Edition K-1) – We got this subscription for cheap through our homeschool group. It’s not my favorite imagesubscription, but not because of content, but because each month you get 4 volumes, which are basically thin 2-page layouts, rather than a “magazine”. However, what is nice about them, is that the smaller size allows for you to include them as part of your school easier. It works out to about 1 layout a week. Content varies, in a given month but it’s common to have an animal/life science edition, people/careers edition, science (sorting, patterns, shadows, etc.) edition and possibly a history/geography/culture edition.

This magazine subscription also offers Teacher’s Guides that you can download from their site. These were one of the better teacher’s guides offered, often having printables and worksheets to go along with them. TFK offers different subscriptions for different ages up to 6th grade. To order this magazine you need to order 10 or more subscriptions, so as a homeschooler, you would need to join with other families to order. The nice thing is that it’s pretty cheap.

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Kim said...

The Time one sounds neat. We like Highlights too, and just started getting their Puzzle Buzz magazines. They aren't cheap, but Crumpet will sit and do some of them by himself because he loves them so much. They are great for restaurants and airplanes! Also, my mom just bought us Click, which is a science mag for young kids. We've only gotten two issues, but so far, I love it. Thanks for sharing!I love knowing what else is out there!