Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Penguin Unit: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Our latest read-aloud that we’ve read and done some extra focus on was Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Not surprisingly we made an entire penguin unit out of it.

Instead of lapbooking, Treyton prefers to make books so we are now “lap-journalling” using spiral bound, plain white books I bought from bare books

IMG_0023 Lap Journal Elements

I found a simple penguin paper craft that Treyton colored and assembled for the front cover of his book. We wanted to fill his book with Penguin facts and information we learned as well as recording Treyton’s dictations as we went through the book together, which he did a great job at. Every day when we would start reading he’d say “Mom, do I need to remember what you read today?” I would tell him “It’s a good idea to try and always remember what mom reads” ":)

At the very start Treyton drew a picture of Mr. Popper and his family, dictated (and then copied) a short description of him. This is what he said: “Mr. Popper is a painter. He likes to read books about Antartica. He has a wife and 2 kids. He likes penguins.”

Because I wanted Treyton to illustrate his dictations as we went through the book so I drew him some step-by-step instructions to draw a penguin. He appreciated this resource and used it over and over again when working in his book.


Some of the other lap-journal pieces we added:

*A picture of planet earth: I had Treyton color and cut it out. We glued it in our book and then labeled the north and south pole. We have learned that it is cold at both the North and South poles, but that polar bears live in the North Pole, while penguins live in the South Pole.


* A life cycle of a penguin (from lapbook lessons). Treyton cut it out and assembled it. He loves twirling this thing!!


* I drew this little penguin book to fill with little facts we learned about penguins, we added it to our book filling in little facts we learned as we went along. IMG_0059

* Treyton was (not surprisingly) interested in the food chain of penguins, what they ate and what eats them. So I found a food chain printable and added it to our book as well.

* We learned that there are 17 types of penguins in the world. Captain Cook was more than likely an Adelie Penguin. We printed off some pictures (from homeschool share I believe), labeled them, and made a page layout about types of penguins. Treyton wanted to do them all, and I probably should have since he asked, but I never got around to finding them to print them off.


* Near the end, we added in a more detailed map of where penguins are found in the world. Treyton found this very interesting. He kept telling me “Penguins are in the south pole, Polar Bears are in the North Pole!”

Extra Fun Activities

For added fun for our penguin unit, we watched Planet Earth’s Pole-to-Pole episode, which Treyton LOVED!!


We did several penguin crafts & activities and added them all near the end of our book – I’m pretty sure this was the kids favorite part of the entire penguin study :)

Of course DLTK had a cute Penguin Paper craft.

IMG_0019 Treyton, cut and put his penguin together completely on his own – I helped Lexie with hers a little bit.


For Lexie I found these penguin and egg number match pages on lapbook lessons, I cut them out and gave them to her in pairs, which she colored to match, which she then did.  I was surprised with how much detail she put into this activity, making sure that each pair matched in color. IMG_0053

I also just so happened to find a color by number (which Treyton LOVES) addition penguin page! Ha!! Just my luck :) Treyton did AWESOME on it. I gave him the page, walked away to get the baby some cheerios, and by the time I came back he had answered all the problems!


By far our favorite craft were the penguin mosaic crafts that I found on Kaboose – it was great for both kids – Lexie loves nothing more than cutting up tiny pieces of paper and Treyton likes using elmer’s glue. So this was a no lose craft.


Here’s Treyton cutting up his mosaic pieces.

IMG_0003 Here is Treyton assembling his penguin.

IMG_0006 And Lexie… our princess artist working on her’s.


Lexie also had her own worksheets – I found a penguin pre-writing practice sheet for her to practice drawing her straight lines.  IMG_0008       


Free Penguin Lapbook

Mathwire Penguin Activities – great penguin math ideas

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Kristina said...

I drove by a bus stop today that had was advertising the movie, "Mr. Popper's Penguins" with Jim Carrey... and I remembered you guys read it for your penguin study-- which I checked frequently because we were just studying penguins too! Might be a cool movie?!