Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 20

Shape of the Week: Square

Memory Verse: John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him…”

MFW 1st Grade:

We are loving the phonics portion of My Father’s World First grade. Treyton has learned all of the long vowel sounds with the silent e, as well as ‘ay’, and “oo” (like in spoon). IMG_0081So far he is keeping up well with all the new sounds, I worry that soon it may be too much for him (introducing a new sound everyday) and that we might need to slow down, but I will follow him. He’s well ahead of where he should be, so we have plenty ability to slow down without any pressure.    IMG_0041

For My Father’s World Science this week we learned about rain. We read about it in a couple of our children’s encyclopedia’s and then drew the cycle of rain in our nature journals. IMG_0043

We did a rain experiment by heating some water on the stove, and then allowing it to “cool” on the lid we watched as rain drops formed. IMG_0039After the water cooled down a little more, we also used our hand so we could “feel” the wet forming on our hands. (I would carefully supervise using hands and don’t necessarily recommend it, as I have had steam burns and they hurt – be sure to keep your hand well above the water). IMG_0038


We are continuing to read Mr. Popper’s Penguins, I select random chapters for him to dictate and illustrate. I think he is enjoying the book, but not LOVING it. I’m not sure why but he has a hard time paying attention to this particular story sometimes, occasionally I will need to read an entire page over again after I catch him “zoned out”.

Health: I am Special Book

We decided to start focusing on learning a little bit more about Treyton. He asked to make a book “All About Me!!” – I thought it was a great idea, so far we’ve made pages for his birthday, address, phone number, age, weight, and family tree. IMG_0020He started learning his phone number (my cell number), which he got down right away (it’s a pretty simple number) and his birth date.      IMG_0019Of course, Alexa joined in the fun too of making a few “About Me” pages.

I used the following links to print off a few pages and get some ideas for our book. 

Alphabet Soup Special Book

Kid Printables

Mrs. Nelson All About Me Theme

Hubbards Cupboard


Once a week I quiz Treyton on his continents, he has North America, South America and Antartica down. He is able to point to them on the map and tell me their names. IMG_0082

On a different day we quiz our states too. He remembers most of the ones we covered up to this point. About half of them he needs “clues” with to figure out which state. Meaning, he doesn’t recognize the state based on it’s name but a characteristic of this state. For example, he won’t remember “Michigan” but remembers “The state that makes cars”. We will continue to quiz once a week to keep the states fresh on his mind, but we will not be adding any more states this year. We will be covering states next year in MFW Adventures, that should be more than enough.

Tot School:

To introduce our shape of the week (a square) we had wheat thins for a snack – she got a real kick out of incorporating school with a snakc, and even though she called it a triangle nearly every time I asked her what it was, it was fun :)

She continues to love all of the games I printed and laminated for her (from last week). She’s got size order down to a T! She asks every day to do them, I try to rotate them through so she does a little bit of everything.

I brought out the “old” color matching game that we printed off from Homeschool Creations, and had her play with ALL of the colors. I don’t think she finished them all, but she enjoyed it. She struggles with purple, brown, and yellow. IMG_0025

She asked to play with the buttons this week, sorting them, and mixing them up. I tried not to guide her at all but just let her explore a little bit and I was surprised with how much learning was still happening without my assistance. IMG_0080

Alexa has hit the baby doll stage, but careful not to leave Lamby out, she is also trying to potty train her along side the dollies. IMG_0021

She is so cute, “shhh shhhing” her baby when she cries, changing her diaper, correcting her, etc. She’s growing up so fast, it’s like I’m literally watching her change before my eyes!!

I actually had the thought this week, realizing in a few short months Audrey will probably be interested in being a part of a little Tot School too. IMG_0033 


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