Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 21

As our school year begins to develop and work itself out, so do my weekly posts, it’s safe to say, you never know what you’re going to get.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how our school year is going. Treyton is learning so well, and typically enjoys to do school. He is learning to read and do simple math addition and subtraction which were two of the larger goals that we had for him for Kindergarten.

The switch to My Father’s World 1st grade was a great decision for us, and both Treyton and I have enjoyed it. We are continuing to enjoy reading aloud books together. Most days the kids enjoy it more than I do, I wish I wouldn’t get so tired when I read out loud (I don’t know what my deal is!)  But I love the results, which is enough to keep me reading.

Tot- School - Shape of the Week: Review Square and Triangle

Tot School - Color of the Week: Purple, Brown and Black are the only colors that Alexa doesn’t seem to recognize.

Memory Verse: John 3:16 (which we finished this week) and started S is for Savior 1 John 4:14 “The Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the World.”

MFW 1st Grade:

For science, we learned about lightning and thunder this week. We illustrated the process in our nature journals. We went over it a couple of times during the week, to try to remember it.

For Bible we had two fun activities this week – the first one was to make a Bible Costume. I used an old sheet and Treyton’s super hero cape. I thought it was precious – Treyton thought it was weird. Regardless of what he thought of the attire, I thought it was a memorable illustration of how the culture in Bible times was different than our’s today. IMG_0001

We also learned a cute little story to teach us and remind us how to draw a Bible map. I absolutely LOVED this activity and am pretty proud of the fact that I can now draw a simple Bible map on the fly. Treyton was a little confused about the whole story, he kept trying to add to the story, and asked lots of questions because the story didn’t make that much sense to him. After reviewing it a couple of days, he caught on. IMG_0021

We also found Israel on the globe and on our wall map and talked about how this was where most of our Bible stories happened and this was where Jesus was born. Treyton found this interesting. 

Our phonics this week went well, he learned “th” (which he actually already picked up from his online typing  game), “oo” as in book, “oo” as in spoon,“or” and “ar”.

IMG_0019We really appreciated the activities they had that went along with the phonics sounds this week - there was an “oo” folder game, where Treyton wrote down 24 “oo” words (some with the sound of spoon, some with book), he then had to read the words and sort them into which side of the folder they went on. IMG_0002

For the “th” sound Treyton wrote 5 “th” words on a hand, placing the word thumb on the thumb position. Treyton liked this one so much he asked to hang it on his door. Check out all the tape he used!!

IMG_0003 Literature:

This week for our Read Alouds we read:

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – we are almost done with this book. I’ve enjoyed it, but to be honest, Treyton isn’t getting as much out of it as I wanted him to.

Pippi Longstocking

Hound from the Pound

Madeline’s Rescue

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – this was at Lexie’s request and she really loved it.

Snowy Day

Fine Arts: We drew with Mark Kistler twice this week – we drew the “flying pancake” and something else (that slips my mind just now).

Geography: We did a state quiz and continent quiz, both of which Treyton did great on.

Health: Treyton now knows his birth date, phone number and town.

Treyton loves to take on new responsibilities with his baby sister. Audrey just recently started getting one bottle a day, Treyton was the first one to volunteer feeding it to her. He’s going to make a great Dad someday.


Tot School:

Alexa continues to amaze me with her desire to learn. It’s never work for her.

She has learned most of her colors, she only struggles with purple and occasionally black and brown. For her shapes she knows: triangle, square, oval, heart, and star. She is still working on circle and rectangles.

She wanted to color a lot this week which was fun.   I printed off a winter color book for her, where she colored each picture differently. I’ve started asking her to color in the lines, and I think she’s doing pretty good. IMG_0015


IMG_0017I can’t remember if I mentioned this last week or not, but on the “home” front Alexa is now sleeping in big girl underwear for both her nap and overnight. There have been a few accidents in the last 3 weeks or so, but many more successes, and more importantly, she is physically able, and mentally capable of making it through her naps and bedtime, which is a big milestone for any 2 1/2 year old. IMG_0006For my recent CSN review, we decided to get a special gift for Lexie acknowledging her accomplishment. We got he a canopy to go over her bed. Sadly, I ordered the wrong one, so we had to return in, however, her new one is in the mail and we should get it in the next couple of days!!


I also had Lexa start trying to copy straight lines across. I used a printable here, but most of the times I just draw the lines myself and have Lexa try to trace them. She does pretty well.

IMG_0014 A Day Outside:

It was snowy and chilly this week, but the kids begged to go outside. I got them all suited up and sent them in the backyard. Lexie lasted 4 minutes, Treyton nearly an hour.




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