Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 22 & 23

The weeks continue to tick on by as we get through the longest weeks of the year. January and February are the toughest months for us to get through, mostly for mom, but all of us suffer through colder days, less light and feeling trapped indoors for too many days in a row. We were very grateful for a few sunnier/warmer days for week 23, when we were able to get outside and do a little nature study.

My Father’s World 1st Grade:

We continue to learn new sounds each day, recently learning the /ur/ sound (spelled ir, er, and ur), /aw/, /u/ (spelled a, e, i, o and u).  I’m not really sure why they introduced this unique sound at this point. Treyton was attempting to read words like salad, garden and lion. I felt like it was a little above his reading level. He did really good considering, but I’m not sure how much it really sunk in and if he will remember it. Then again, a few days later at lunch we were eating salad and he went “I remember mom, salad, sal/u/d!” Despite any setbacks he might have from day-to-day, he’s so proud of learning to read, and he should be, I’m proud of him too.

He does really well reading the words that are given to him when the sound is introduced, but it takes a little practice before the sound really sinks in. It’s so fun to watch him gain confidence each day he reads. He really is doing it!! Not that I ever doubted him, I think I doubted myself, or I guess my ability to teach him how to read.

We’ve been making another animal tales book, which is not Treyton’s favorite activity, it’s mostly the illustrations that he complains about, I helped him illustrate one of the days. He does the copywork without complaining.

For extra phonics practiced we played the long e game from Happy Phonics. It’s a nice break-up to be able to play a game to practice some of our phonics. IMG_0017

AWANA Bible Verses:

Treyton is amazing me with how fast he is learning his AWANA verses. He has been faithfully learning a verse (or portion of a verse) a week. So far he’s learned John 3:16, 1 John 4:14 “the Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the world.” and Psalm 147:5 “Great is our Lord and Mighty in Power”.

Treyton got a CD with his Sparks book. It’s a sound track of the verses and stories in the book, Treyton calls it his Bible study and he listens to it all the time, this past week he actually had his Mommer on the phone and listened to his Bible Study with her. Treyton is on letter “P” of the sparks acronym, when I introduced it to him I said “P is for Power” I explained to him that we were going through the letters one at a time, that we were on P and that then we would do “A” then “R”, etc.

He said “P is for Power, A is for According to the Scriptures”.

I said “That’s right!! Good job! Do you know what the Scriptures are?”

“Scriptures is another word for the Bible”

He remembered all of that from his CD!!

Literature Read Alouds & Science:

We finished reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins this week, which Treyton was excited about. He was proud of his lap-journal, as was I, he really wanted to fill every page but I think we had two blank ones (I’ll probably come up with a few little things to fill it for his peace of mind ;)).

We are still reading Pippi Longstocking, the kids have really be enjoying this book a little bit more. It does have slightly better illustrations, I’m not sure if this is why or not.

WINGS Co-op:

Our WINGS Co-op started this past week. Treyton is taking a Safari Animal  class, a Build-it stack-it class, a Keep it Movin’ class and God’s Creature class.



We really enjoy Singapore math, and the more we use it the more I am learning how to use it to work for us, instead of just working us ;) We’re encouraged to use lots of manipulatives, Treyton’s favorite of which are legos.


I posted earlier this week about several of the subtraction games and ideas we are using to help him master this concept. These are working really well for us, and math has taken a much more fun position in our schooling. And of course, not one to ever stop scowering the internet, I have found a few more that I plan on implementing next week. IMG_0014

Valentine’s Day Cards:


In celebration of Valentine’s Day we ran to hobby lobby and found some cute valentines to make for the kids family and friends. They spent a lot of time coloring them for each person they wanted to send them to. IMG_0014

Treyton specifically selected each color he used carefully – it was really cute. They got them done just in time to mail them out.



Tot School:

We went to the library this week and they happened to be having a story time for birth – two year olds. They read some animal stories and made some heart shaped animals. Alexa chose to make a cat out of hearts, Treyton made a mouse (so that he could scare Mommer with it :))       

For Lexa, we focused mostly on colors these past two weeks. She matched these animal cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler and then went through and told Treyton and I what the colors were.


She is so smart.


Here she is enjoying her Zimbbos game she got from Christmas. She loves to play the actual game, but when we aren’t able to play with her she likes to stack them on her own.


Lexie is a part of our daily board every morning as well, and has recently taken a big interest in putting the numbers on the calendar. IMG_0002

I came across an old shape coloring book that Mommer had gotten for us and I had on the shelf waiting for Alexa. I took it out and allowed her to color a few pages this week. She really enjoyed this, I think that a few more worksheets will be in her future.


There is really no school that this girl hasn’t enjoyed – I mean, as long as it’s on her terms and time table.      IMG_0018 She even participates with Treyton’s computer games. She keeps asking to do her own, I haven’t done it yet, I figure she’ll be a computer nut like her mom and big brother soon enough! 

It was kind of a jumbled couple of weeks because we had a few illnesses and needed to take it easy a bit. I’m actually surprised typing this all out how much it amounted, it didn’t feel like it went that well when we were doing it. I’m happy that we were able to take two relaxed weeks and still managed to get a little bit done.


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Virginia Lee said...

I was wondering what a WINGS Co-op is?

emtgirl said...

We love the SPARKS CD also. It is an awesome way for kids to listen and learn the Sciptures!

wdworkman said...

Sounds like a couple of fun weeks. Mr. Popper's Penguins & Pippi Longstocking were two of our favorites.
Janet W

Kathie said...

I also have a question about your co-op. I'm always looking for different/fun classes that are enrichment type classes and not really 'core' classes. I'd love to get more details on the co-op you attend or what the teachers use to teach/lead the specific classes. Thanks so much!