Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Art - Pompeii: Buried Alive

image I can’t remember if I’ve posted about our current Volcano unit or not – if not, let me let you in on what we’re doing:

We’re in the middle of at the end of a three-week volcano unit.

One of the books we read a few times through this unit was “Pompeii: Buried Alive”. This week, I had Treyton narrate the story and I then wanted him to illustrate it. Instead of drawing/coloring this time, we decided to use paint.

Treyton did an INCREDIBLE job. I think we’ve found his niche!! He doesn’t always like to draw, but with painting he was much more creative and spent more time working on it.


Having Treyton paint his illustration tied in perfectly with what we have been learning in art. We just started the Usborne’s Children’s Book of Art, which begins by talking about different types of art (painting, charcoal, stamping, etc.). We then learned about oil painting and how some painters mix their own colors to paint with.


So when we started painting, I told Treyton I wanted him to color/paint his entire page, and that if he wanted he could mix his own colors. Of course, he did.


He did so great.


But never to be one to sit idly by, I also participated. I’ve never claimed to be good at art, and now you all know why – because I am crazy proud of my work here – in all seriousness, I’m fairly certain it’s the best painting I’ve every done in my entire life…. ever!!     IMG_0188


Ticia said...

I love both of them, they're very good.

Kim said...

Wow, awesome paintings!

Alexis said...

See it was just a matter of finding his medium!!! That is a great painting - and I am pretty excited about yours, too!! Cause I have seen your work (jk) but I do agree I think it is the best I have seen either or you do.