Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daily Schedule

While going through to organize some of my tabs, I realized that our schedule has really evolved over the last year while doing school, and I wanted to update it.

Recently our schedule has changed pretty drastically because Tim switched his schedule up at work. Instead of going in early in the morning and coming home at 4pm, he now tries to go into work at 9am and comes home at 5pm. This has made a HUGE difference in our school schedule just by having a more accountable morning routine.


This is a rough idea of what a day would like like in our home on any given weekday – as a side note: the order of our subject varies from day to day because we don’t do all of our subjects every day.

7:00 – the kids wake up, drag Tim out of bed for breakfast. I wake up at this time as well but it takes me at least 10 minutes to open my eyes and pry my creaky bones out of my soft, warm bed. Tim usually has a warm cappuccino and breakfast waiting for me when I come to the dining room. (Yes, I know how blessed I am :)) I eat pretty quickly, grab my cappuccino and head to my bedroom for a little quiet time.

8:00 – Breakfast’s  done, we get dressed and ready for the day. We do a few chores (usually laundry, dishwasher, sweep dining room, and pick up the toys in the living room floor)

8:30 – Family Devotion and Bible Story. This is the biggest change in our schedule, we used to do family devotion after dinner, but mornings free up more time at night, which has been needed due to a few more week night activities on our calendar. (This has not been happening as regularly in the last week or two because we finished our devotional and just found what we will be using from now on)

9:00 – Dad leaves for work and we officially start our school day. We usually start with our calendar, pledge, prayer and daily board 

Following the daily board I try to do a “fun” or simple activity like going through Treyton’s health book, a little holiday/seasonal craft, a short book reading, map activities, educational games (sight word memory, education cubes, geography puzzle, etc.)

This is a good time to do Tot School with Alexa (if she’s up to it) while Treyton does some memory verse copywork or a worksheet of some sort. Audrey is usually up during this time, so whatever we do we keep light, because Audrey may or may not want me to put her down ;)

10:00 Audrey goes down for her nap. This is when we do Phonics and Math. I work side-by-side with Treyton for these, so I usually get out a little game or toy for Lexie to play with while we work together.

11:00 – Science or Nature of some sort, We read a book, watch a video, go on a nature walk around the yard, do an experiment. All three of us (Treyton, Lexie and I) do this together, Audrey wakes up between 11-12

12:00 – Lunch

12:15  – Read Alouds: We usually read 4-5 books after lunch on any variety of topics. We usually have one primary Literature book and then I let the kids pick from a selection of books for the week some on our science topic of the week, some simple storybooks, some poetry, and so on.

12:45 – Playtime: The kids then have free playtime, but depending on the weather and if they’ve been in the house for too many days in a row, I try to have a craft or art project to do before naptime, on hand, just in case we need it.

2:00 – Lexie and Audrey go down for a nap. Treyton will either work on his computer typing, Mark Kistler art, legos, reading to himself, or have quiet playtime. If we weren’t able to complete phonics and math together we will sometimes do it now.

This is my ‘me time’ I either do my daily quiet time (if I don’t do it in the morning during breakfast), read, blog, shower, nap, clean up, do a load of laundry, or empty the dishwasher (you know typical mom stuff).

4:00 – Everyone is awake and hungry. We fix a little snack, often times we will read a story or play a game together. Or do something tot-school related with Alexa. If it’s nice the kids might go outside.

4:30 – Start picking up the house and thinking about dinner as well as getting the kids and myself ready if we have plans for the evening (Swimming Class, AWANA, or Small Group)

5:10 – Dad’s Home, Dinner, Clean-Up, Wrestling, Playing Games, Showing home work done, going over Treyton’s memory verse, etc. Anything and everything.

7:30 – Start getting ready for bed

8:00 – Kid’s Lights Out



Everyday: Daily Board, Math, Phonics, Bible, Read Alouds and Reading to mom

M W F: Science

M F: Art

W: Music

T Th: Geography, Health, Copywork


Alexis said...

Thanks for sharing your schedule - really need to get one of those going I think it would help a lot!! Especially on the days I have the boys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber!

It seems we're switching up our schedule every few months or so! Your's looks great...I love your blog!

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that we were starting a MFW Homeschool Link Up! (March 18th). Stop by and let me know if your're interested.

Kathi @ A Heart Like Water

Unknown said...

I love seeing people's schedules. I'm weird like that. A schedule is so liberating, isn't it? Strange, but true.