Monday, March 21, 2011

TOS Review: Brill Kid Reader’s

The Aesop Fables Brill Kids Reader’s that we got in the mail were an instant hit in our house. I didn’t have them open good before Treyton was literally “tearing through them” asking to read them to me.

Like any good mother/teacher, of course I let him. :) image We received 5 storybooks:

  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • The Fox and the Grapes
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • The Turtle and the Rabbit
  • The Fox and the Crow

There were a few unique things I noticed about these books right away. My favorite, was the blank flap that you use to cover up the illustrations while the child reads. This prevents the child from guessing words by looking at the pictures (something my son is a professional at).


image They are also very bright and colorful with large words and spacing in between.  I noticed that this did help Treyton’s flow of reading more than some other similar readers.

Also, as a little quirky side note I am a self-diagnosed “book smeller” and these books definitely pass the scent test!! I loved smelling them.

We loved these readers! Treyton LOVED Aesop’s Fables and colorful illustrations, and I thought the inside flap is an ingenious idea. I’ve never seen a reader before with a flap – and I don’t know about other kids but for Treyton, this is a FABULOUS idea!!

The five storybooks (Aesop Fables Vol. 1) resale for $37.50 and are available for purchase here.

In addition, if you already have Brill Kids Little Reader you are also able to download a free audio version of these print books.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of these books for the purpose of my review as a part of the TOS Crew. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my family and I’s experience using this product.

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