Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 26: Volcanoes, Continents & Literature

This was a fairly short week for us, as we were busy getting ready for Audrey’s first birthday party.

Science: We worked on finishing up our volcano unit. We really enjoyed this unit and had lots of fun reading volcano books, watching a few videos and doing a couple of experiments.

We did the long awaited for volcano experiment. I didn’t tell Treyton about it, and he’s never seen anything like it before so I don’t think I need to tell you how “blown away” he was by the whole thing.


I started having him “build” the volcano with some of our old play-doh (hence the multi-colored mountain). I didn’t tell him we were going to do anything with it.


After he finished I poured in the baking soda, and had him pour in the glass (a little at a time) of food-colored dyed red vinegar.

He was shocked when it actually bubbled over, I wish I could have gotten in on camera!!

We ended up doing the experiment 4 times the first day and a few times in the days following.


He finished up his lap-journal (which I hope to post in a volcano post in the near future) by coloring a color-by-number volcano printout and painting a scene, as well as writing short narrations, of both Pompeii: Buried Alive and the Hill of Fire books we' read throughout our unit. IMG_0176

Handwriting: Treyton’s handwriting has slowly been getting sloppier and sloppier. This week I had him do a lesson from A Reason for Handwriting to correct some of his lazy strokes and improper letter formation. It helped quite a bit.

It seems as though I have to make a big deal about his handwriting for him to take it seriously. Allowing him to circle his “best ones” that he wrote and talking about his improvements – he really likes that!! And when I do it, handwriting suddenly doesn’t seem so bad to him.


Math: This was our last review-only week for addition and subtraction. I had him do the number sentence creator worksheet with the education cubes a few times throughout the week and we added some more facts to the subtraction board.

Along with this we introduced the greater than and less than symbols on the worksheet which he had so much fun with!! Of course simple numbers were “laughable” to him so Tim and I had fun coming up with a few “hard ones” (like 4,547 and 3,452) and he still flew through them!!

Bible: We had an assortment of Bible activities this week. We finished up Chapter 1 and started Chapter 2 in Who Is God? We love this book and even though it’s “slow going” it’s been an excellent devotional book for us.


We finished up the illustrating the Creation story in Treyton’s Bible Notebook and he’s read up to the 7th day of Creation in his reader.

Literature: We read 3 chapters in Pippi Longstocking this week. I am learning to read smaller portions at a time and having Treyton narrate as we go instead of trying to have him do the entire portion of what we read at the end. This has made a big difference in his ability to retain what we’ve read (makes sense right, only it took me a little too long to figure it out ;)).

Art: This week in art we did a lot of painting. We focused on mixing colors and making art “our own” – so that it shows a part of who we are and what we are thinking. IMG_0181The kids painted ceramic pigs that we got as part of our craft club – they LOVED being able to decorate their very own piggy banks. Treyton made up an entire story on his. I heard something about blue lightning, hot lava and rocks!! Sounded exciting.


Lexie was just excited to use a lot of pink and blue on hers!!

Tot School (32 Months): With Alexa we started working on recognizing numbers this week. I was (once again) surprised by what she already knew. Our first attempt at numbers we used her beloved cupcake games (she really really loves the cupcakes). I placed all the numeral cupcakes in order and then had her count and place the right number of cherry cupcakes on each numeral cupcake. IMG_0004

She easily recognized the numbers 1-3 and while she seemed like she didn’t know the ones above that I overheard her with my brother-in-law at Audrey’s party recognizing several numbers up to 8! When I asked him about it he said she got them right about 80% of the time.   IMG_0007           IMG_0008


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Kattie said...

We had so much fun with the volcano unit too! Look like you guys did a great job, love his volcano painting. I am just starting to put together some more organized tot stuff, so I have enjoyed checking out what Lexie is doing :)

Mama Teaching 3 said...

The volcano is something I haven't gotten to yet! I won't say how old my oldest is so I don't feel too bad. I think we will get to it sometime in 2011! I love how you didn't tell him what to expect. :)