Friday, April 15, 2011

3 Weeks of Spring Break

We’ve been on a slightly extended spring break the past 3 weeks. Tim hurt his hand exactly 3 weeks ago so school took an obvious back-burner at that point, then we took the following week off because I was getting ready for the Midwest Homeschool Convention, then this week we took off because of several reason, not the least of which was the passing of Tim’s beloved Grandmother. 

However, even with all this time off Treyton has been learning through life – I’ve been amazed at how much learning is taking place without any type of “organized” school. I wish I would have written it all down as it happened, but of course, I didn’t so now I only have what few things I did take pictures of, which is better than nothing.


One morning we looked out our back sliding glass door and saw a beautiful bird with a bright red head, red tail and red breast. Treyton and I stared at it for a while and after it flew away we ran downstairs and got our nature journals to sketch it.



A while later the bird flew back and we realized there were two different birds: both with red heads, one with a red tail and a red breast, and one with a red head and red tail, but not a red breast. We drew both birds, which I at first assumed were a male and female, but after I looked them up I think we were looking at two separate Male House Finches. IMG_0002 IMG_0001


Wisconsin has had an unusually large number of Tornados this year.  One of which touched down in the town we used to live in (10 minutes down the road). I had to run to the library to pick up some books that I’d had on hold and while we were there we decided to take a drive through town to see the damage. It was unbelievable (in a sad way), there was a lot of damage – we even a huge tree uprooted near a home.

As we were driving around, Treyton was asking a lot of questions about Tornados, how they happen, what it’s like and how long it lasts. He learned a lot.


Treyton has recently discovered the show Wild Kratts on PBS. It’s a great show. One of the episodes he watched this week was called “Build it Beaver”. After the show he headed outdoors and decided he was going to build his own beaver damn. (He called it a Beaver Hive for a while before Dad corrected him :))  IMG_0010 After working nearly two hours collecting the wood and mud he would need and building – he finally finished!! IMG_0012


Mommer got Treyton a mosaic color by number a while back, which he pulls out every now and again to do. He loves to pull them all out and create a story about them. This particular story had something to do with a King who like pineapples and owned a dog. One day he bought a chicken, flew a kite and stepped on a snake, that ate a fly. (Something like that)



IMG_0035Over the break, Lexie has enjoyed doing several activities to learn about her numbers. She has played with several of her games that I printed off from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She knows her numbers much better than I had originally thought. IMG_0031  


I love how kids learn without needing to be pushed to do so. It’s a beautiful thing, I’m glad that we’ve had this time. It’s been encouraging as both their teacher and their mother.

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