Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily Board & Calendar (2011 Style)

As we come to the end of our 2010-2011 school year and I start researching and purchasing all my elements for the upcoming year the time has come to update our daily board. I was surprised by how well our current style worked and how we kept using it throughout most of the year. If you want ideas for a Kindergarten age board, definitely go back and check out what we used last year.

Over the past year our board has expanded, in that it isn’t JUST one board, there are also elements on our wall alongside the board that we use during our morning routine.


For this upcoming year I combined both elements for Treyton and elements for Alexa onto 1 baord. Although Alexa is not quite 3 many of her elements will be some of the same that Treyton used for the last two years, because she is going to begin learning her letters and will also participate in a number of the day/week program.    IMG_0030 

For the Preschool Elements I will be keeping the following:

  • Letter of the Week
  • Number of the Week
  • Shape of the Week
  • Color of the Week

 Combined Elements: some portions of our board both children will be allowed (and expected) to participate in.

  • Pledge and Prayer – I try to make this the very first thing we do, but sometimes out of excitement it will fall to 3rd or 4th.
  • Memory Verse – I print the cards from Homeschool Creations to go along with Treyton’s AWANA weekly verse
    • I may not expect Lexie to memorize the verse that Treyton is learning every week. She may get two-three weeks for each verse, we shall see how she handles it.
  • Counting Chart
    • Treyton will use this chart primarily for skip counting (he already knows how to count by 2s, 5s and 10s, and is learning how to count by 3s)
    • Lexie will use this chart to begin counting past 20 and number recognition. 

Treyton’s 1st Grade Elements

  • Latin Root – I have been wanting to teach some greek or latin roots for a while now and while one day I am fairly certain I will actually teach the kids latin, for now I just wanted to start introducing some of the roots that we use in our everyday language. This is one of the many ways I plan on working towards increasing Treyton’s language and vocabulary in the next year. If I can teach him roots, this will give him a tool to use rather than just learning one word at a time, he will begin to learn the process of understanding words as pieces which will then help him breakdown words that he hears giving him at least partial understanding. I will hopefully be posting an individual post regarding this new element and include my printables and the 24 roots that I have already selected to use.
  • Spelling/Phonics Rule – I’m simply attaching the key rule we are learning in our All About Spelling program to review and then lead into our spelling lesson for the day.
  • People to Remember/Pray For – this is just another tool that we are using to help Treyton remember people that we are currently studying (right now we have our Frans Lanting (famous photographer) timeline piece on this slot) and/or people he’s recently met or family member’s/friend he doesn’t see very often that I want him to remember their names.
  • Sight Words – The three pages of list to the left hand side of our board are the sight words he’s already got down, the sight word spot on the actual board is for sight words he’s currently working on. We review the entire list once a week.
  • What Time is It? I attached a clock I got from the Dollar Tree that we use to practice telling time.
  • Address & Phone Number from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Treyton already knows his phone number, emergency phone number (911), city and state. We will use this to begin learning his street address.
  • Maps I got two placemat maps from the $1 bins at target two years ago and they have worked well (as far as size goes) for us. I’ve recently had to turn them over to the smaller sides because of Treyton’s ability to read. (He’s very proud of his “cheating ability”)


Calendar Elements

We do the calendar together, we have a calendar board at the beginning of every month we fill in our monthly schedule, birthdays, and important dates. Every morning we add in the calendar pieces to the current date. IMG_0031

I wouldn’t normally require Alexa to participate in the calendar portion because I feel like it’s over her head but she wants to be a part of it, so I went ahead and made a Calendar Notebook for both of the kids to prevent any fights between them. IMG_0005

We use a Calendar Notebook primarily for space and so that they each have there own pieces to use. Each child got to decorate their own cover (the above example is Treyton’s).

Each notebook includes:

  • A Monthly Calendar from ABC Teach
    • When I fill in our monthly schedule, birthdays and important dates on our calendar board, the kids fill in their calendar page in their notebooks, including the days of the month. They X out each day as it passes.
  • Days of School Chart
    • We use an 180 day chart because that is what our state requires us to fulfill.
  • A List of This Month’s Birthdays (I made this myself) It is simply 12 cupcakes (one for each month) with our entire extended families birthdays listed in the appropriate months. 
  • Weather Graph from Mrs. McDowell
  • Treyton also has a Weekly Temperature Sheet from Homeschool Creations

We have been using our board for the past 2 weeks and it is so far working really well for us. We use our daily board to start our morning, and from there we typically do spelling (from the spelling element) from there it changes depending on our moods.


Homeschool Creations: Calendar and Morning Board

1+1+1=1: Calendar Board

Delightful Learning: Calendar and Morning Board

Mama Jenn: Calendar Board (& Notebook)


michelle said...

Looks great, Amber!

Rikki Kreger said...

Lots of great ideas, thanks! Going to be gearing up to homeschool my 7 year old twins and my 4 year old (with a 1 year old in tow) so I'm taking in all these ideas!

Susana said...

Your board looks super Amber! We use many of those same pieces/elements here.

Your homeschool looks like so much fun! You're doing a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Amber, what did you use to attach all the elements to the board? I want to use the cork board for our calendar too.
Thank you, Natasha.