Thursday, April 21, 2011

MFW – 1st Grade Noah’s Ark & Solar System


This week we had two Bible Stories one of them being the story of Noah’s Ark. Though this is a familiar story in our house, we still managed to have a lot of fun with it.

We were supposed to go outside and measure out the ark, which would have been a GREAT visual (I think) but the night before we were supposed to do it we were dumped with nearly 9 inches of snow – yes, you heard me right, we had a snow storm in April! Welcome to Wisconsin!  IMG_0132 I was a little disappointed in Treyton’s Noah drawing, but he wasn’t fully to blame, I had him color the rainbow assignment and draw his picture during quiet time, he was clearly done with “artistic thinking” by the time he got to his drawing :)


For the hands-on activity we made aluminum foil boats. At first I cut out 4 pieces of aluminum foil and left Treyton with the directions “Make a boat that will float” – I wanted to see what he would do.

IMG_0120He didn’t.

So I sat down and made my own boat, which he then mimicked and did a great job on. We had a little “friendly competition” to see whose boat would hold more coins before sinking.

IMG_0122To be fair, both our boats started taking in water, but Treyton’s actually sank first. I’m not so sure it was a design/manufacturing malfunction as much as the trajectory of the coin drops :)


While I would gently place my coins in, Treyton would drop land them from at least a foot above his boat for a much strong impact.       IMG_0125


We also made a Bible lands salt-dough map this week. It was supposed to be a 1-day assignment – I don’t see how that would be possible at this age with the size they recommended. We turned it into a 3-day assignment.

IMG_0066On day 1 I made the salt-doh recipe , which I quickly realized was not going to cover the entire map. IMG_0065We did 1/4 of it, then that night while I was at Hobby Lobby shopping for something else I found air-drying clay which was much easier to apply and stuck much better onto my cardboard (which I used in lieu of plywood).  IMG_0072

When it dried it cracked pretty badly… but I figure, hey it’s a desert, cracks are normal…. right?


After it dried we painted it to “pretty it up”


Treyton thought the Bible lands map was one of the coolest assignments we’ve ever had. While we were making it Treyton kept saying things like “This is the coolest thing ever, mom” “We’re going to keep this forever, right mom?” “Thanks for letting us do this mom, this is fun.” IMG_0021

I’m so glad he enjoyed it and it was totally worth the little bit of extra work.


In order to motivate a better picture (after his less than desirable drawing for the Noah’s Ark portion), I showed an example of 2 Ladybugs & A Lizard’s Tower of Babel and Noah’s Ark picture which he was REALLY impressed with. It worked in motivating him - he came up with an original idea for his Tower page:      IMG_0026He took pieces of square construction paper to construct his tower and then colored in/drew the rest. 

He asked me, special, to “Please have the 7 year old girl look at my picture and see if she likes it” So Kattie, if you are reading this would you mind have Big Ladybug take a look and letting us know what she thinks :)


We built our own tower of toothpicks and play-doh which was a little trickier than I thought it was going to be, but he did pretty well (I think).


We basically finished up the solar system this week, minus a few lose ends. Alexa and Treyton combined efforts to complete the lapbook this time which I think makes it even more special than normal.

We didn’t actually do all of the recommended exploration day activities. IMG_0126We did however do the balloon rocket which I think might be the highest rated science experiment thus far! We did it over – and – over – and – over again; then we waited for Dad to get home and we did it again and again! LOL!  IMG_0127 



My sister-in-law gave us a bunch of great solar system stuff (without knowing I was preparing to cover this unit), including a great floor puzzle. It is over 5 feet long. Treyton loves puzzles so this was a great extra for him. 


IMG_0086Treyton completed a rocket blast off printable and afterward did not want to include it in the book because he wanted to be able to fly it around after he counted down. How do say no to that? IMG_0101 Some of our other lap-journal pieces included: a spaceship color-by-numberIMG_0053

…. a copy of the Planet song


…. separating planets from non-planets activity



…. copywork: planet names in order.

Treyton picked up on the planet names better than I thought he would, he can’t list them all off the top of his head, but he can name several of them, especially once we start putting them in order.


Lexie participated in our Solar System Unit with color matching, letter tracing, letter finding and coloring, rather than the science part of it.


We had such a fun-filled week. I can’t say enough good things about My Father’s World, it’s perfect for our family.

To see what other’s did with My Father’s World visit the linky at 2 Lizard’s and a Ladybug, who is guest hosting MFW Homeschool Highlights for Kathi this week.


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Kattie said...

Hi Treyton, my name is Skylar (a.k.a Big Ladybug), and I REALLY like your pictures, they are SOOO cute! I have fun drawing in my Bible notebook and I hope you do to :)

Your Bible lands map turned out great!!! We skipped that activity for some reason, but it looks like you had fun! Great job! ~Kattie

Anonymous said...

Love your Bible lands map ... and your copywork with the solar system. Looks like you are settling right into MFW 1st. It is such a great year! We are on week 28 of it ... enjoy!

Monica said...

oh wow the Bible lands map looks like fun! Nice drawings Treyton. Did you thank your mommy for a fun day at school?

Unknown said...

I ordered the art DVD so thanks for the heads up. Can you give more info on the map you made? How much clay did you use? Did you freestyle the map? How did you decide what area to do? What kind of paint did you use? Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Amber said...

I made a salt-doh recipe which I got the recipe for it in the MFW teacher's manual. It worked okay, but didn't stick real well to the cardboard (though it said to use plywood, maybe it would stick better to plywood?).
The stuff I bought from Hobby Lobby was Crayola Air-Drying clay it was $5.99 for a 2.5 pound tub, but I had a 40% off coupon that I used as well. (They usually have one online). It was easier to use, though it did crack when it dried (but stayed attached to the board so not alot of mess).
I free-hand drew the map from some instructions in the MFW manual that made it really simple.
(It's a cute story about a man going fishing dropping his fishing lines, then he falls in the water, etc. etc.)
A few weeks ago we used the story to teach Treyton how to draw their own Bible Lands Map, that's how I figured out what area we were going to do.
To paint it I used regular crayola washable paint which worked fine.
You could do a smaller map, ours was 3' x 3', which was fine, but did take a little while.
Hope you guys have fun, let me know if you need any more information.