Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TOS Review: Kinderbach


Kinderbach is an online video session program to teach children how to play the piano. I’ve been wanting to introduce Treyton to playing the piano for a while, but having absolutely NO ability of my own to speak on, I knew that I would need to use a strong enough program to make up for my lack of participation. Kinderbach provided that for us.

Kinderbach’s site is set up into weekly lessons with 4 sessions per week. The sessions are kept relatively short (10 minutes or less most of the time). They use fun characters to introduce notes and musical concepts, and promote active participation (like clapping along or moving around) from the viewer.

IMG_0009This has been a gentle, easy to use program for Treyton. One that he doesn’t mind sitting through and doing. He has learned several (what I imagine to be) important concepts, like the difference between high-and-low notes, simple finger placement as well as some of the actual notes.  IMG_0013

One of the additions to the video sessions that we particularly enjoyed was that there were printable books and that some weeks had coloring pages, worksheets or games to go along with them. Treyton was able to take our little (kitty cat) keyboard and play along. This multi-sensory approach was helpful in keeping Treyton interested and helped him to retain what he was taught. 

image We don’t have much to compare this program too, having never used anything like it before, but I can say that we’ve enjoyed it and have gotten some valuable things out of it.

To try a free trial go here to sign up

To Purchase:

Monthly Online Option: $19.99
Yearly Online Option: $95.88
Single-level DVD: $40.45
DVD bundle options available as well

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary access to the video sessions as part of my involvement with the TOS Crew the opinions expressed are my own.

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